Best Navigation Apps for iPhone in 2022

Our iPhones have made it unnecessary for us to use a lot of older technology since they combine the functions of a number of different older devices into a single, portable product that we can hold in our hands.


However, technology has also supplanted other analogue things, such as the traditional map and navigation system. These have been rendered obsolete. I mean, nobody wants to stop and ask for directions to somewhere, or inquire where something is, so let’s just let our phones do it for us instead of having to stop and ask someone.

These applications are wonderful for locating the areas you want to go and guiding you there in a way that prevents you from getting lost in a field.

Apple Maps

Many people, like me, should have the built-in Maps app on their Apple devices as their default option. You have the option of seeing recent locations that you have visited, as well as searching for a new address or point of interest. It also pulls in data about companies from Yelp, allowing you to browse reviews and images of the establishment, if they are available. Be prepared to make some unusual U-turns and detours as you make your way through the many turn-by-turn direction options that are available to you.


Google Maps

Google Maps is iPhone’s greatest navigation app. This free software provides real-time GPS, traffic, and transportation statistics. Google Maps has mapped 220 nations and territories and millions of places. You may discover takeaway, open businesses, and significant sites. Google Maps includes walking, driving, biking, flying, and public transit directions. You receive satellite photos and 360° surrounds. Real-time ETAs help you beat traffic. Live traffic statistics, road closures, and incidents help choose the optimal route. Google Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation is voice-guided. Google Maps includes offline navigation and interior maps for airports, malls, and stadiums.


Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

If you happen to be a resident of a large city, Waze is one of the most convenient ways to navigate the traffic. Waze integrates Google Maps and Search so that you can look up landmarks and other destinations. Select the location you’d want to visit to get directions to get there. With Waze, you’ll always have the most up-to-date information regarding traffic conditions, roadwork, police presence, and more thanks to the app’s innovative crowdsourcing feature. Waze is fantastic since it promptly reroutes you to avoid unpleasant traffic, allowing you to get at your destination much more quickly. And if that weren’t enough, Waze even shows you where to find inexpensive gas, so you can fill up and save some money.


MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

It’s astonishing that MapQuest is still operational after all these years. While there are alternatives to MapQuest, such as Google Maps, it is still useful to have. The MapQuest mobile app, for example, gives you access to live traffic cameras and real-time traffic updates, so you’ll always know what’s going on during your morning commute. You may save your favourite spots with unique symbols and get real-time traffic information to avoid congested areas. With MapQuest’s speed restriction indicator, breaking the law is no longer an option.


HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation 

HERE If you need a free service that works internationally and in the United States, consider using WeGo. You may either type in a specific address or do a search for nearby attractions within the app. HERE WeGo details every feasible route, including public transportation, and how long it will take you to arrive at your destination. If you aren’t sure if your destination has excellent phone service, you can download maps to use without an internet connection. You can rely on always arriving at your destination on time thanks to the turn-by-turn directions that include alternative routes in case of traffic.



As its developers put it, Scout combines navigation with social networking. Most iPhone navigation applications include turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, along with real-time traffic and speed information. Coffee shops, bank machines, motels, petrol stations, and other points of interest may all be uncovered by carefully planning your excursions. Scout, in contrast to other iPhone navigation applications, has a group chat option. This function will allow you to coordinate a get-together, excursion, or road trip by allowing you to exchange location data and monitor travel time. You and your friends’ icons will both be relocating as you use this programme to go where you’re going.



In our experience, these are the top iPhone mapping applications. My preference is to use Apple Maps because of the turn indications on my Apple Watch, but there have been times when I’ve questioned Siri’s directions, especially when she advised me to continue straight through a light and perform a U-turn later when turning left would have been sufficient. Thankfully, the App Store has a plethora of alternatives to consider.