Best Lead Generation WordPress Themes

Your company’s website should create leads that become paying clients. If you’re using WordPress, a popular website builder, you’ll need a theme. The top lead generating WordPress themes have embeddable online forms and are fast.


Most WordPress themes enable embeddable forms. The amount of possibilities makes choosing a website theme tougher. We evaluated the best lead generating WordPress themes by site speed, which affects lead generation.

According to a Google-commissioned research by Deloitte and data firm 55, reducing website load time by 0.1 seconds reduced mobile bounce rate by 8.3%. The following themes are great for lead generation.

Qwery – Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTL

Multi-purpose WordPress theme Qwery is an extremely contemporary, clean and fresh look. Skins for practically every corporate company website or business blog are included in the Qwery package. It’s ideal for legal companies, online and creative agency, marketing & advertising services, business consultant, website design, mobile development company, creative bureau, UX/UI Design, and so forth. In addition, it’s a great resource for anyone involved in any of the following fields: branding, style and identity; development, coding and technology; video and photography production; publishing services; printing; programming; App development; digital business; project management; and a sole proprietorship.


Leadx – Landing Page & Marketing WordPress Theme

Leadx is a responsive WordPress theme for landing pages and lead generation. A professional Landing Page is all you need to market your products and services with optimum effectiveness. On WordPress, creating a landing page has never been easier. This theme includes a number of pre-made signup and order forms that are completely functional with gravity forms or contact form 7 based on our experience in online marketing and lead generation. The most difficult component of successful internet marketing is converting visitors into customers. Create a product or service landing page in minutes with Leadx.


Sway – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Sway has a design that is both innovative and attractive, making it the ideal choice for a contemporary-minded company. It is essential for the success of your company website that a positive first impression be made with your users. Sway offers a robust range of helpful features, more than 65 demonstrations designed with your particular field or specialty in mind, and it is strong enough to support any small enterprises or big corporations.


LeadEngine – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Page Builder

lead creation tool that may assist a broad range of companies improve their conversion rates is exactly what the name of the theme implies: “LeadEngine.” The WPBakery page builder plugin was used to create this multifunctional tool, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. You can quickly get your site up and running using the more than 35 demo sites that are included with LeadEngine. Templates for businesses in the advertising, marketing, real estate, and fitness industries are all available. To make your lead generating website even more unique, you’ll have access to over 200 original template blocks.


Exponent – Modern Multi-Purpose Business WordPress theme

For a lead-generating website, you need to think about both the look and functionality of your theme. Using Exponent, you get the best of both worlds. Over 30 pre-built sample websites are included in this versatile business theme. One is particularly geared for lead generating. For those that want to exhibit their products or services in a visually appealing way, the modern layout is ideal. Testimonials, CTAs, and more all have their own sections in the theme.


Getleads High-Performance Landing Page WordPress Theme

Mailchimp is integrated, and there are over 900 ready-to-use icons in Getleads. A giant menu builder, a header and footer builder, and an elaborate parallax design are just some of the more complex options available to you. For lead generating websites, this theme is an excellent choice. There are many of design and customization possibilities, but it isn’t cumbersome to use or overburdening in terms of settings and features.


App, SaaS & Software Startup Tech Theme – Stratus

It’s probable that Stratus will appeal to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business owners and others in the technology industry. The visual appeal of this cutting-edge theme is striking. Apps, software, and more may all benefit from this design. More than 35 website demonstrations are included with Stratus, many of them are tailored for IT companies, agencies, and product websites in particular. More than 280 blocks, like as sliders, button grids, and picture gallery grids, may be added to your sites with ease with this plugin.


Advent – Landing Page Marketing WordPress Theme

In terms of functionality, Advent is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for a wide range of purposes, including digital marketing, product landing pages, app showcases, and other types of websites. There are eight home page variations to choose from, each providing a particular purpose, such as product, registration form or coming soon page. Complete WordPress theme, including menu footer, header, sidebars and more parts included..


Spyro – Marketing Landing Page WordPress Theme

Tatsu is a sophisticated visual page builder that comes with the Spyro WordPress theme, allowing you to create high-converting landing pages using its specifically built templates. To get you started, the theme includes 12 amazing pre-built examples. When it comes to company marketing, Spyro takes it to a whole new level by advertising your brand on many social media networks. Your marketing goals will be met and conversion rates will increase as a result.


GrowthPress – Marketing and SEO WordPress Theme

GrowthPress has a drag-and-and-drop Page Builder that takes care of all the grunt work. Creating pages is a breeze because to the program’s simple drag-and-drop interface. Customize GrowthPress with the WordPress customizer in real time. Before making any modifications to your website live, have a look at how it appears. Many various page layouts may be changed using the Customizer (e.g. home page layout, normal page, store, blog, and more) included in the theme.