Best React Component Libraries in 2022

The React framework is used to power the user interfaces (UI) of around 10 million websites across the world. There are numerous component libraries for React that contain valuable design elements for your React application or web development project.


While the base library of React is strong, there are numerous component libraries that contain valuable design elements for your React application or web development project. Here is a list of the most widely used React UI libraries on GitHub, which should assist you in determining which one is most suited for your current project.

We’ll look at their application in development and provide examples, as well as their popularity among developers based on use data from GitHub and npm. We’ll also look at how they’re used by other developers.

Move faster with intuitive React UI tools

In the creation of user interfaces for mobile and online apps, React is a JavaScript library utilised. Components are tiny, reusable pieces of code. Integration with other JavaScript and library components is easy. One of the most prominent open-source web technology platforms for building single-page apps, ReactJS is widely used by developers worldwide. The enormous number of React component libraries is a major factor in its popularity.


React Bootstrap

Keeping with the Bootstrap theme, React Bootstrap is the next best ui framework react. When using React Bootstrap, you can take use of both the Bootstrap framework and React. It’s one of the most popular and widely used CSS frameworks out there now. In order to be compatible with both the bootstrap core and the world’s largest UI ecosystem, React Bootstrap CSS was developed. It works with the tens of thousands of Bootstrap themes already in use by developers. All of the React component models are developed with accessibility in mind, allowing you to customize the appearance and feel of any component.


Ant Design

For the enterprise-level project, this React UI Framework provides a design system. Because it’s built on an Ant-Design project, it provides high-quality components and demos for building rich, interactive user interfaces. It is possible to use the react UI components in a wide range of languages. The components can also be tailored to your design needs. For instance, the style language used by ant Design is Less.js. Buttons, icons, grids, breadcrumbs, dropdown menus, and more are all part of the Ant Design..



Grommet is a product invented by HPE that can be used with any type of screen, including mobile phones and computers. It has a wider range of bold and colourful themes than Material UI and Ant Design, for example. In order to receive help, they have an active Slack community, and defects may be reported using GitHub. It includes a codesandbox for each component, as well as a template pattern and a component library, on the storybook level.



It was designed by Brent Jackson, who is currently working as a front-end developer on the Gatsby project. Based on the Styled system library, you may create user interface components that are fully customizable. CSS-in-JS libraries may be used in conjunction with this to reduce the amount of time spent writing custom CSS in your application. Rebass is a small and lightweight application with a footprint of around 4 KB. In GitHub, it has around 7.4k stars and 605 forks.


React Redux

Redux is considered to be one of the top react components in React.js, as evidenced by its 56.2k GitHub stars and 14.7k forks. Originally intended for usage with React.js, it may also be used with other frameworks like as Angular and Vue.js, Ember and other JavaScript frameworks, as well as with other programming languages. It makes it simple to build consistent code, and it is often regarded as the best buddy of many web developers. When using Redux, you may make changes to your code even while your app is running.


Fluent UI

A Microsoft product called Fluent UI, originally known as Fabric React, was developed to include capabilities that are comparable to those found in office products, such as graphics and behavior. Microsoft sites such as Office 365, OneNote and Azure DevOps, among others, make use of it since it is interoperable with desktops, Android and iOS devices.


React Router

React Router is a router UI that may be used in conjunction with another interface. Using this routing solution, you can ensure that all of your application components are linked to their URLs, ensuring that your users have an uninterrupted experience. A time-saver like React Router can speed up your app. About four layers of layouts with distinct hierarchies are typical in an application. Fortunately, React Router updates your layouts and URLs automatically, so you won’t have to design as many routes as you would otherwise.


Semantic UI React

React Using human-friendly HTML and the Semantic UI development framework, you can design stunning, responsive user interfaces. This architecture is more affected by the semantic style of HTML, with each CSS class having a purpose. React Semantic UI considers words and classes as interchangeable ideas. Concepts in classes are linked by the use of natural language syntax, such as noun-modifier connections, pluralism, and word order. Behaviors are also used to trigger functionality in the system.



The Blueprint programming language is mostly used for desktop applications. Most of the time, the components in Blueprint are utilized for creating complicated and data-dense user interfaces. It is divided into various components based on the key dependencies and use cases. In addition to buttons and forms, tooltips and other essential elements are included.


React Desktop

React desktop is a JavaScript-based library that is based on the React framework. The goal of this React package is to deliver an online experience that is as close as possible to that of using a native desktop programme. There are several different macOS and Windows components supported, including a navigation pane, checkboxes, radio buttons, and conversation boxes. The library has received more than 8,000 GitHub stars, which is an excellent rating.


Chakra UI

Chakra UI is a React UI framework that was launched for the purpose of developing websites and React apps. It is developed by Segun Adebayo. The Chakra UI framework has emerged as a must-have for any react app developer, and its various colour mode provides you the ability to adjust the darkness or brightness to suit the needs of your customers. Furthermore, it is extremely customizable and expandable.



We hope this post will assist you in selecting the finest React library for your website. When selecting frameworks and libraries, keep in mind that the purposes and features of the library should be the primary consideration. There are several such libraries available on the market, and it is not easy to choose one. Always look around and gather ideas before making a decision.