Free Bootstrap 5 Templates

The best Bootstrap 5 website designs for any business or project, easy to use and very versatile. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can put them to use. If you want your website to run at its best, you’ll want to use these incredible page canvases.


In addition, they are optimized for retina displays, making them suitable for both mobile and desktop platforms. Even if you don’t have any coding experience, you can save a lot of time and effort by using our top Bootstrap 5 website templates. Beginners and experts alike will appreciate how easy it is to use each tool.

ClassiGrids – Free Classified Ads HTML Template and UI Kit

Bootstrap 5-based ClassiGrids is a free classified advertising HTML template and UI Kit that can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects. An outstanding design, three different homepage variants, 30+ classified ad-specific pages, 100+ user interface components and an entirely responsive layout are just some of the features you’ll get with this CMS. You may use ClassiGrids to create any kind of ad, including classifieds and listings, and directories. You can quickly, extensively, and efficiently edit ClassiGrids because it is built on the latest Bootstrap 5, HTML markup, and SCSS.


Zinc – Free Bootstrap 5 HTML5 Business Website Template

ZINC is a free Bootstrap 5 template that includes a wide range of components and functionality for creating an agency website. Users and developers will appreciate its aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness. For those who enjoy beautiful websites and modern UI elements, this template is ideal. It may also be used as a portfolio template. To help you build an advanced website, Zinc provides a wide range of components and fully programmed pages. This template is made with a light style and beautiful artwork in contrasting red and blue colour schemes. Because it’s 100 percent responsive, it looks perfect on any device with any size screen.


Edu Meeting Template

Edu Meeting is an HTML CSS template for educational institutions like as universities, schools, and other educational institutions. This design is based on the most recent Bootstrap v5.1.3 CSS framework. It is divided into three pages: the main page, the meeting list page, and the meeting detail page. There are several elements on the main page, including a video banner, information items in a carousel, meeting categories and topics, accordion content tabs, and a contact form area.


LaslesVPN – Free Bootstrap 5 HTML5 Multipurpose Website Template

Didi Kurniawan’s design has been incorporated into our new versatile Bootstrap 5 template! LaslesVPN is at your disposal. It is a free HTML5 template that is ready to make the jaws of your users drop. This colourful, adaptable, and extremely responsive web skin has a basic design and is highly responsive. LaslesVPN is a free HTML5 template that is well-suited for bringing all of your working materials together in one location and making you stand out from the crowd.


Bliss – Free Bootstrap 5 Business Template

Digital agencies, businesses, and corporations may all benefit from using the Bliss website template. All the parts and elements you’ll need to build a full agency or business website are included in the template’s simple design. Just update the content with your own, and alter the brand materials, and you’re ready to go. All major devices and web browsers are supported by Bliss, which is a completely responsive template. It’s a simple to configure Bootstrap 5 template that has all the main parts you need, such as an attractive hero area, about section, services/features section, counter/facts and a portfolio of testimonials.


FlexStart – Bootstrap Startup Template

Flexible Start is a Bootstrap-based website template. Software startups, mobile app developers, digital agencies, SaaS providers, and other internet-related businesses may all benefit from FlexStart’s features. FlexStart’s source code is clean, lightweight, and well-documented, making it easy for developers to use. With a little bit of tweaking, you can utilize it in your next project. A wide range of components, blocks, and sections make it possible for programmers to quickly and easily design high-quality websites. Almost everything you need to create a great new website is included in FlexStart, which is a completely responsive template that works flawlessly on all devices and screen sizes.



Developed by and for developers, DevBook is a free Bootstrap 5 book/ebook landing page template for developers. Because it has all the characteristics necessary to turn visitors into readers while advertising or selling your book/ebook online, it’s ideal for this purpose This landing page makes it simple to pay for and get your book using services like Gumroad. The first thing you should do when a visitor arrives on your website is make it plain to them what your book is about and what you want them to accomplish (a big Call-To-Action button). Readers and industry leaders will be more likely to click on your CTA button if you provide book reviews and recommendations from trusted sources.


EventGrids – Web Template for Event, Seminar and Conference

HTML website template for – Event, Seminar, and Conference – EventGrids. Everything you need to build a full event website is included in this template. EventGrids is built on the current version of Bootstrap 5 and includes all of the sections and pages you’ll need to run your event smoothly. For conferences, seminars, events, trade exhibitions, or anything else, the EventGrids template is a sleek, modern website design. It has a straightforward user interface and a slew of useful capabilities. The template’s layout is simple and clutter-free, allowing you to concentrate on the content rather than the design. You may use the event list page to refine your search results according to a variety of factors.


Medic Care Template

Medic Care is a health-related website theme based on the Bootstrap 5 CSS style and coded in HTML5. Clean and professional, this one-page design will give your web presence a polished appearance. The timeline includes alternate items on the left and right sides, as well as easily customizable Font Awesome icons in the central flow. A booking an appointment form is given for easy connection with a PHP script running on the backend.


Yavin – Free Bootstrap 5 HTML5 Business Website Template

Yavin is a free Bootstrap 5 template for creating professional company websites. With a light design style and a blue and red colour scheme, it works well in conjunction with your content. This multipage template is 100 percent responsive, compatible with all retina screens, and seamlessly adaptive to the most recent browsers available on the market. It contains a plethora of features and other pages that are really useful. Yavin can be used right immediately, or it can be customized to meet your specific requirements.



These are the greatest Bootstrap 5 website designs for any type of company or project. When it comes to putting them to use, the options are nearly limitless. These amazing page canvases are a must-have if you care about the performance of your website. These apps are also designed to work on both mobile and desktop devices, making them ideal for both platforms.