Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for 2022

WordPress podcast plugins are needed when? There has never been a better moment to hop on the podcasting bandwagon, as podcast listener counts have grown by more than 20% in the previous few years.


On top of that, you’ll need to think about how you’ll display your podcasts on your website—and that’s not all that’s on your plate right now. There are a slew of WordPress podcast plugins available, many of which have been developed in response to the requirements of the WordPress community as a whole.

In line with WordPress history, the market is overflowing with possibilities, making it tough to choose the ideal one for your specific needs.


It’s brought to you by Smart Passive Income entrepreneur Pat Flynn When it comes to WordPress podcast plugins, Fusebox is the gold standard. It offers a level of capability that no other plugin can match. Direct downloads, playback slowdown, and other options are all part of it. Fusebox’s amount of design flexibility is one of the most appealing qualities. Fusebox, on the other hand, has a wide range of appealing design possibilities that other WordPress podcast plugins lack. You may use it to give your audio track bar a colour palette, making it feel like a natural part of your website.


Seriously Simple Posdcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting is the first of them, and it is a user-friendly podcasting system that allows users to broadcast several episodes from a single WordPress website. That this plugin stands out from the competition is due to its simplicity. It offers a simple interface and a short setting procedure, allowing you to be up and running quickly and concentrate on recording your podcast instead. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent choice for novices..


Libsyn Publisher Hub

Libsyn Podcasting is one of the most popular podcast hosting services. Users may join up to host their own episodes, provide their listeners with personalized mobile applications, and more. Their beta plugin, which is exclusively available to Libsyn subscribers, is an interesting alternative to existing WordPress podcast plugins. Beginners and seasoned podcasters may both benefit from the low cost of podcast hosting, which starts at $5 per month. For podcasters who wish to utilize WordPress as an extension of their Libsyn podcast, this is the most natural approach.


Simple Podcast Press

The setting of Straightforward Podcast Press is simple, but its influence on a WordPress site is anything but. Simply add your iTunes or SoundCloud URL, and the plugin will handle the rest for you. For each episode, a mobile-friendly player is put into the page. Your episode description and any photos collected from your podcast feed are automatically included in this summary. After that, your WordPress site will automatically update each time you post a new episode to the blog.



In addition to the WordPress plugin, you may also use Buzzsprout Podcasting, which is a paid service. Additionally, it supports iTunes and HTML5 players while providing statistics and other information. Up to two hours of podcasting each month are allowed on their free plan, with just 90 days of hosting. After that, the lowest package is $12 per month, which includes unlimited hosting. With their most costly premium plan, you may record up to 12 hours of podcasts every month for a whopping $24. Even while power users may not desire such (expensive) limits, the majority of podcasters do not want to broadcast that frequently. As a result, we recommend Buzzsprout to podcasters who limit themselves to a few episodes each month.


Podlove Podcast Publisher

The Podlove Podcast Publisher has been developed with WordPress in mind, rather than being designed to import from and rely on third-party podcast providers. It includes a subscription function as well as a sophisticated analytics engine as part of the package. The proprietary templating system developed by Podlove is a crucial distinguishing feature. It provides you with complete access to every bit of code associated with your podcast data, allowing you to customize the design and experience to your heart’s desire.


Sermon Manager

Sermon Manager is the greatest WordPress sermon management plugin available for use with the WordPress platform. This plugin, which was created exclusively for churches who provide online sermons through their podcasts, has all of the functionality that a religious institution might possibly want. It has full-featured iTunes podcasting compatibility, as well as extra capabilities like as speakers, series, themes, books, and service kinds, among other things. It is compatible with any podcast hosting provider, and you can use it in conjunction with your WordPress donation plugin to raise cash for a good cause.


AWS for WordPress

AWS for WordPress is a one-of-a-kind podcast plugin for the WordPress platform. It makes use of the Amazon Polly service to do text-to-speech translation from textual information to audio that may be used in podcasts or for accessibility purposes in general. It’s a strong tool with a focused focus that has the potential to be quite useful to podcasters. The plugin makes use of the Amazon Polly machine learning technology in order to convert textual information into spoken language. The software can also translate the voice into multiple languages, produce podcasts from transcriptions, and even make them playable through Amazon Alexa. The audio may then be sent to iTunes or made available for download straight from your site.


Compact WP Audio Player

Compact WP Audio Player does exactly what it says on the tin: it plays audio files. It allows you to include an audio player on your WordPress website without having to install any additional plugins. You may use it to play self-hosted podcasts, listen to music, or utilize it for any purpose you want it to serve. In terms of functionality, it is a relatively straightforward plugin. Small and simple, the Compact WP Audio Player features an interface that can be customized for each audio file. In order to embed it in posts or pages, it makes use of shortcodes, which will contain a link to the file within the shortcode. I think it’s a fantastic little plugin that gives you the ability to play media on your website in whatever way you want.



All WordPress podcast plugins are not included in this list. We’ve narrowed it down from the dozens of podcast-related plugins out there. There are a lot of great options out there, but the ones on this list, in our opinion, are among the finest. A ‘best WordPress podcast plugin’ is a difficult choice. Fusebox, on the other hand, stands out for its simplicity and design flexibility. Podlove Podcast Publisher and Seriously Simple Podcasting are also worth mentioning because of their ease of use and extensive feature set.