Best Old School Fonts

Old School Fonts, in particular vintage and retro typefaces, can be difficult to come across. There are, nevertheless, high-quality free font downloads that may be found. Free and paid retro and vintage fonts for designers have been put together in an awesome collection.


Read the licensing carefully before using a free typeface in your commercial work, and if necessary, consider purchasing a commercial license to help support the designers who created the font for your usage.

Quaterback Fight

It is one of the few Old English fonts that combines a mediaeval script with a contemporary, streamlined look. Combining delicate ends with exuberant caps and clever use of negative space, this typeface is as beautiful as it is functional. These Cyrillic characters are also included in this Old English font, and it’s free for personal use!


Mexcellent Font Family

Legibility and ornateness go hand in hand in Old English typefaces, and this is exactly what we see in them. This Old English font is ideally suited for usage in display settings or logos because of its high stroke contrast and precise detail.


Haarlem Deco

It’s hard to believe this is an Old English font after all these years. If you’re looking for a display font or a tattoo font that includes uppercase, lowercase, and punctuation marks, this is a great option.


Noir Free Typeface

Using the stylistic fundamentals of mediaeval writing, this gorgeous invention offers them a modern and graceful twist that would be a wonderful option, for example, in a children’s fairytale book.



It latest Old English typeface is a stunning simplification of the style, creating a look that’s both new and familiar at the same time. There are all capital and lowercase letters, plus multilingual support, monetary symbols, numbers, punctuation, and more, all included in this typeface.


Font Fabric

Old English typefaces tend to have a more traditional style, but this one is one of the few that incorporates a more modern look. This design combines delicate endings with flamboyant caps and intelligent use of negative space to create a typeface that is both utilitarian and appealing. This Old English font also includes Cyrillic letters and is free for personal use!


Stitch’n School

Adding this typeface to your font library will make it more flexible and attractive. There are eight distinct weights included in this font download, making it a great choice for a broad range of creative requirements.


Frontage Condensed Typeface

Here’s another font family to check out. It includes multiple weights and is a classy addition to any font collection. It works great at larger sizes, but could work well as body copy too.



Despite the fact that this typeface differs from what we’d anticipate from old-style typefaces, we can notice a little inspiration in its design. That’s one of the great things about type design: we can draw inspiration from a variety of sources to create something truly amazing.


Say It Fat

It is not necessary to include any images to clearly identify this typeface with the world of business because it is a strong font. Use it as a headline or title in your next design project and see how it works.



Vintage and retro typefaces, in particular free retro fonts, are hard to come by. Fonts of good quality may still be downloaded for free. It’s a great selection of free and paid vintage and retro fonts for designers. Keep this page handy in the event that you ever require a new typeface for a new project.