Free Thick Bold Fonts for Strong Headlines

Looking for bold fonts? This page includes a nice assortment of free thick fonts that you may use for your headlines. For most graphic designers, typefaces and typography are essential elements of their work, and they can never have too many high-quality fonts in their arsenal.


In addition, selecting the appropriate font for a header or title may aid in making the text stand out and capturing the reader’s attention. As part of this post, we’ll provide you with a collection of Free Thick Bold Fonts that are both beautiful and functional.

Peace Sans 

Peace Sans is named by the developers as strong and loving typeface. Indeed, it seems benign with its circular soft forms. At the same time, it appears fairly spectacular and will excellently meet a range of design goals. This representative of powerful typefaces is also accessible for free download.



Knewave is a strong typeface that emulates the appearance of being painted, giving your text a more ‘graphite’ vibe. There’s something magical about this font’s delicate brush strokes that make it look so lifelike and authentic. It may be utilized in a variety of contexts, including site design, social media marketing, and even as the headline for a humorous poster. It has a freewheeling air that may appeal to millennials.


Mosk Typeface

Mosk is a typeface family that comprises of lowercase letters and revised variants in the uppercase form. Mosk is a wonderful display font for your logos and designs since it is easy to read and understand.


Qanelas Soft Typeface

Injecting an enthusiastic personality into your work, it is a sans serif typeface that adds a joyful and whimsical twist to your writing. Because of its geometric yet rounded appearance, it exudes a light-hearted atmosphere with an undertone of cheerfulness. The fact that it is available in a variety of styles and with intriguing effects may definitely catch the attention of your viewers.


Aquino Font

New and free Aquino font is a soft bold font that is fantastic for logo creation and also makes an excellent headline font. It is distinguished by its rounded edges, which make it visually appealing and tidy.


Mohave Font Family

One of the most significant and versatile slab serif types, it has an appealing and soft character. Although the typefaces aren’t very large, it’s the board and sharp edges of the characters that that make this design stand out. Despite the font’s smooth roundness, the typeface has a powerful personality. Easy to read and soften the style, they are an excellent choice. If you’re looking for a tool that can be used in a variety of ways, this is the one.


Goldplay Sans Font

Latinotype has designed a contemporary sans-serif. This circular sans-serif font family has a simple and contemporary look that will give your design a modern edge. Goldplay Font is now available. With its soft terminals, rounded shape and current and contemporary design, Goldplay Sans is a great option for headlines, logos, branding, books, magazines and motion graphics. It is also a wonderful choice for usage on the web and Tv.


Promesh – A Free Athletic Font

Promesh Athletic, a display serif font inspired by athletic typography and the mesh texture found on LeBron James’s jersey, can help you create a winning environment. You may use the standard version, the textured mesh for a more dramatic impact, or Promesh Stitch to create a more complex design.



 Speakeasy is another another Art Deco-inspired typeface with a funny flair. The elongated’s’ and rounded ‘c’ of the ‘E’ provide a playful aspect to the design. The typefaces preserve their aggressiveness while preserving their clean and precise appearance. Among the many things you may design with this typeface are banners, logos, posters, and book titles.


Nexa Font Family 

Nexa is a futuristic sans-serif font family that may be used for headlines, advertisements, and even brief paragraphs of content. Nexa Bold, Nexa Text Bold, Nexa Light, and Nexa Text Light are all free to use. It also provides support for several languages (extended Latin and Cyrillic included).



Fonts with a bold appearance are what you’re looking for. Use these free thick fonts in your headlines to make your text stand out. Graphic designers can never have too many high-quality typefaces in their toolbox, because they are so important to their work. Choosing the proper Free Thick Bold Fonts or title may also help it stand out and attract the attention of the reader.