Cool Fonts to Draw (Calligraphy and Handwriting)

Drawing is a creative means of expressing feelings, imagination, and talent via graphic representation. It assists in developing logic, memory, and aesthetics. When it comes to making some art or a great logo, you need the correct tools to sketch your work.


You have to have the correct sort of markers, paint brushes, and even glue for your art projects. But one thing that you should never neglect is a good set of typefaces. If you want to make your art or logo more great, you need cool fonts to draw.

Fonts make writing intelligible, especially when there is color or backdrop involved. Finding the ideal typeface for your next design project may be a very stressful task. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of distinct typefaces to pick from, each having a particular style and tone, many available in a wild range of colors and variants.

Bullet Regular

The enchantment of this display typeface draws attention to your imaginative thoughts and makes them stand out. Make your handwriting stronger or thicker by adjusting the font size. This is something you can do to come up with a lettering concept. Accept its youthful exuberance and use it to provide a splash of colour and excitement to any school or children’s project!


Natasha Font

Experimenting with the look of a cursive font can be a great deal of fun. If you want to experiment with different fonts, you may use these amazing fonts to draw in your drawing project. Of course, if you want, you may paint some sweeping strokes on your own canvas.



This typeface strives to be lighthearted in its approach. The letters in these hand-drawn, whimsical letters demonstrate that you are not required to make all of the letters of equal size.


Aquila Script Font

In addition to logos and printed quotations, invitations and cards, product packaging and headers, Aquila is a fancy and unique script font that is perfect for a variety of creative projects. A Multilingual Characters are also supported by this Versatile Font. Expanding your font collection to include this typeface. As each phrase may be customized, it’s a lot of fun to use.


The Butterfly Calligraphy Font

The Butterfly Calligraphy Font is a fashionable feminine typeface with a lot of detail to give the impression of a high-end appearance. Made by a typeface designer by the name of effortype. It may be used to bring that extra special and fascinating touch to any design concept you can think of!


Outeris Free Font

Long, sweeping strokes give these letters a sense of movement and vitality. It is beneficial to practice lines like these if you intend to use a calligraphic style in your work.


Baby Wildy

It might be difficult to draw a brush font or brush letter stroke, but the effort is definitely worth it in the long run. This may be accomplished with the help of a brush pen. Would you prefer not to be the one who has to clean up the mess? If this is the case, you can do this using digital painting.


Download Free Font Ice Valley

Calligraphy is a specialized form of writing that uses a brush or a special pen to create beautiful designs. Even though a piece of hand-lettered work has a calligraphic appearance, calligraphy skills may not necessarily be employed to create it. There are also typefaces that are inspired by calligraphy, but which are not executed in the manner of calligraphy.



Hand lettering is a technique that includes drawing letters by hand, much as the name suggests. Fonts, on the other hand, would not be used in the process of hand lettering. Lettering is often an illustrative technique, although there is a vast variety of approaches and styles to choose from.


Skinny Jeans Font

We’ve seen a slew of thick-looking typefaces, but what about something much thinner? A lengthy, lofty script appearance goes very nicely with this. Try out a style like this one. What if we went with an extremely thin typeface instead of a thick one? For a striking effect, try pairing it with a big, extended script font. It’s a good idea to think about things like this.