Best Free TV Mockups for 2022

Featuring a simple, elegant and stunning TV Mockups designs, that beneficial to display your ideas in realistic approach. This PSD mockup templates is a perfect alternative for many different sorts of TV related projects.


In this wonderful selection we have picked the most outstanding TV mockup templates in Photoshop file format. Easy to modify through smart object layers. Enjoy these fantastic TV Mockups and push your presentation to the next level.

Free Tv Mockup

This amazing TV Mockups may be used for a variety of purposes, from promoting your business to creating stunning graphics. It’s really lifelike when placed in a picture of an interior. Colors and the finest features on the screen work together to provide the best results. Use this free smart model in Photoshop to change its appearance.


Free Living Room TV Screen Mockup

This TV Mockups package comprises one PSD file that may be edited completely. You can quickly change this Tv Screen Mockup; it will only take a few minutes, and your design will look fantastic when used in conjunction with this mockup. The scene maker makes use of smart layers, which allows you to quickly and simply incorporate your own creations onto the screen. enjoy!


Free TV Mockup

Television is the finest method for AD. You can attain a huge quantity of the audience by employing television ads. Television mockup PSD are used to exhibit or present your design on a television screen, your promotional design and offer a true appearance to your design by employing these mockup templates and inspire your clients.


Smart TV on Wall Mockup

Your website, product, advertisement or any other design needs a mockup template if you want it to stand out. In order to get noticed, you’ll need a design that’s completely out of the ordinary. You may use a TV mockup to determine if the design stands out. This smart TV PSD mockup template will enhance the visual appeal of your presentation. You may choose between three distinct screen resolutions (25601440, 19201080, and 1280720 PX) when using this device. There are smart items in each of these that allow you to quickly replace your design work and observe the outcomes.


Free Ultra Wide Screen LCD Monitor & MacBook Pro Mockup PSD

The MacBook version of this mock-up will assist you in showcasing as many different designs as you desire, regardless of whether you are designing a website or an online store. Not only that, but you can also utilize the mock up file to show any number of MacBook-compatible games on your computer. The fact that the file has editable layers means that you won’t have any trouble editing it to meet the specifications of your projects.


Free Samsung Smart TV Mockup

Make your design visually appealing on a large screen by using this television display Mock-up, which will highlight the best features of your designs on the screen. It includes one Photoshop PSD file with a resolution of 3000×2000 pixels. It also includes smart objects, as well as folders and layers that are organized. Cropping, altering perspectives, and layer masking are not required because the template contains these capabilities. Simply drag & drop your fresh screenshot into the box, and everything is done for you.


Free Vintage TV Mockup in PSD

You can use this Free Vintage TV Mockup to create a photorealistic presentation of your vintage tv logo or label design. Using smart objects, you can simply alter any mockup element, such as colours, to suit your presentation demands. Make all of your adjustments in Photoshop. The Creative Cloud single-app package includes Photoshop for for $19.99/mo. Mockups such as this are great for putting designers’ concepts into action.


Ultrawide Curved Monitor Mockup

This is a high quality Ultrawide curved monitor mockup that you can use to show your clients your creative design work, logo presentation, ui design, etc. This computer monitor mockup is ideal for a website or app. This Free Ultrawide Curved Monitor Mockup will boost your design presentation and give it a lifelike look. A monitor mockup is also helpful for showing your customer how the final design will look in a realistic setting. The Monitor Screen Mockup PSD includes smart objects for easy adjustment of the monitor screen content. Simply place your design inside the smart object and save the file. So download this free Monitor Screen Mockup PSD and show off your online or GUI design.


Free UHD TV LCD Screen Mockup PSD

Some of us still prefer to watch television in front of the television with (or without) our loved ones around us, even when streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others enable us to do so for a fair fee. In our opinion, it’s a great thing to do every now and then since it provides us an opportunity to relax and catch up with our family members, spouses, and friends, and that gets us to our free TV screen mock-up PSD.


TV on Wall Mockup

As a designer, you need to keep your customers in mind while creating a distinct style, but you also need to keep quality in mind. As a result, you must ensure that your message is crystal clear and that your brand aspects are displayed in a stunning way. A television mockup can be used to complete the task. Showcase your design in a unique way with this TV PSD Mockup, which depicts a tattooed person holding a television. It appears to have a PSD file with a dimension of 2122 × 1535 pixels. Smart object layer allows you to easily input your own design work.



In today’s digital age, television has become the undisputed king of our lives. Every day, millions of people across the world tune in to their television sets for a variety of reasons, including enjoyment as well as education. The influence of television in the development of a society cannot be overstated. We can’t deny the impact of television on the globe since it has had such a profound effect on society. However, in the last few years, TVs have emerged in the category of smart devices. That’s why so many online and app developers are working on fascinating things for TV viewers, and if you’re one of them and want to show off your design in a realistic setting, these TV mockup designs and PSD templates will come in handy.