Best WordPress Search Analytics Plugins

Any website has to include a search tool as one of its core components. It makes it easier for users to discover the information they are looking for, particularly on websites, blogs, news sites, online retailers, and knowledge bases that have enormous content repositories.

The built-in search function of WordPress is one of its many useful features. On the other hand, it is only capable of doing simple searches to obtain important information.


Your website’s search functionality may be enhanced by using a WordPress search plugin to either completely replace or supplement the functionality of the core WordPress search system. We are going to go over the top WordPress search plugins so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

Ivory Search – WordPress Search Plugin

Advanced WordPress search made simple with Ivory Search. In addition to improving the built-in WordPress search, it lets you design your own custom search forms. In order to personalise WordPress search and conduct various kinds of searches on your site content, you can use Ivory Search to construct as many search forms as you’d like and then configure each search form independently. Use its shortcodes to display the custom search forms on the site’s header or footer, in the sidebar or widget area, in the navigation bar or menu, on pages, articles, or custom post kinds.


Relevanssi – A Better Search

Relevanssi replaces WordPress’ default search with a more powerful search engine that offers a wide range of customizability. Improved outcomes and better presentation of results would be appreciated by your customers. Relevanssi’s free trial is available here. There is a paid version of Relevanssi, which includes more functionality. has additional information on Premium. If you’re planning on utilising RelevantSi, keep in mind that it may take a lot of database space (multiply the size of your wp posts table by three).


FiboSearch – Ajax Search for WooCommerce

The most widely used extension for WooCommerce’s product search. It provides your users with a sophisticated AJAX search bar that is nicely designed and includes live search recommendations. WooCommerce has a search solution that is really basic out of the box, one that does not provide live product search or even SKU search. Advanced search capabilities with live suggestions are available with FiboSearch, formerly known as Ajax Search for WooCommerce.


Better Search

The normal WordPress search engine is replaced by a more sophisticated one called Better Search, which returns search results that are relevant to both the post’s title and content. If you have Better Search installed on your blog, readers will be able to locate what they’re searching for much more quickly than they would if you didn’t have it. Posts, pages, and other custom post kinds are all searchable by Better Search. Let your visitors find what they’re looking for on your website..


Ajax Search Lite

For WordPress, there’s Ajax Search Lite, a live search plugin This responsive live search engine provides a user-friendly ajax powered search form — a live search bar – to enhance your user experience. The categories and post types filter boxes also let you narrow down your search results. Also included are Google autocomplete and keyword recommendations. Animations that run smoothly on mobile devices, and they’re updated on a regular basis. Replace the default WordPress search with Ajax Search Lite’s better-looking and faster search engine.


ACF: Better Search

The Advanced Custom Fields plugin’s content may now be indexed by the WordPress search engine, thanks to this plugin. Adding code isn’t necessary; everything is automated. A search results page is not generated by the plugin; it just alters your search engine’s SQL database query. You may also search for whole sentences rather than just individual words. Consequently, search results will be more precise than they were previously.


Highlight Search Terms

It highlights search phrases among the results provided by WordPress for a search, both on the page that displays the search results and on the page for each linked post itself. This plugin is very lightweight, and it offers no customization possibilities. It began as a very straightforward combination of How to HighlightSearch Terms with jQuery – theme hack by Thaya Kareeson and Search Hilite by Ryan Boren. Since then, it has undergone several changes, including the addition of optimizations as well as support for HTML5 and bbPress.



Using a range of highly adjustable capabilities, ElasticPress, a fast and versatile search and query engine for WordPress, enables the platform to quickly identify or “query” relevant information. In terms of content relevancy analysis, WordPress suffers right out of the box and may be quite sluggish. A more pleasurable experience for visitors and administrators alike is provided with ElasticPress. Even popular plugins can benefit from the plugin’s functionality.


WP Extended Search

Using WP Extended Search, you can search your site with ease and power. Custom Taxonomies and Post Meta may be searched for in WordPress with this plugin. It’s easy to set up. WP has a built-in feature that allows you to override its default search behaviour. Search parameters may be assigned to custom forms in addition to the ability to alter the default behaviour of the search engine.


Search Live

Search Live provides a wide range of search options, including live search, advanced search, and more. It’s easier and more efficient to locate what you’re looking for thanks to this plugin’s seamless interactive experience and instant results. When a search term appears in the title, excerpts or text of an article, a thumbnail image is shown in the search results. It also includes a shortcode [search live] that can be inserted anywhere to create an interactive search form, and a widget for usage in sidebars.



This post has covered quite a few different search plugins, and among them all, SearchWP stands out as being exceptional. It gives a number of different customization possibilities and instantly connects with the search function that comes with WordPress.