Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes for 2022

Amazon affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular among marketers and publishers. If you want your own website to stand out and be as successful as possible, it’s crucial to pick a high-quality theme.

The good thing is that there are lots of alternatives to select from. Whether you’re going to utilise your site to write comprehensive reviews or simply insert affiliate links into your existing content, there are a range of themes that may help you reach your goals.


To make your selection simpler, after researching the top Amazon affiliate plugins, we’ve also picked up the finest Amazon affiliate WordPress themes you can choose from in 2022.

REHub – Price Comparison, Multi Vendor Marketplace WordPress Theme

The REHub theme is a cutting-edge hybrid that serves a variety of purposes. The theme encompasses a wide variety of cutting-edge business ideas for use with internet websites. You have the option of configuring and utilising each component on its own, or combining them all into a single website. We built powerful WordPress capabilities that you won’t find in any other themes by utilising the most current trends and the greatest unique search engine optimization tools.


Soledad – Multipurpose, Newspaper, Blog & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, feature-rich, and professional theme for your affiliate website, Soledad brings a lot to the table. This versatile blog and magazine theme comes with hundreds of templates, consisting of over 220 readymade websites and over 6,000 homepage layouts. The collection offers a couple of review templates, too, that may help you exhibit your affiliate material in a great manner.


Yozi – Multipurpose Electronics WooCommerce WordPress Theme

For eCommerce (online shopping), marketplaces, and many suppliers, Yozi is a fresh, modern design template. If you’re looking to impress your consumers with the quality of your work, this is the appropriate template. Many amazing options are available to you via Theme Options, and you can even adjust Google fonts without writing a single line of code. Finally, Yozi is fully responsive, allowing users to access its information on both desktop computers and mobile devices.


Comre – Coupon Codes & Affiliates WordPress Theme

Create a discount or promotion code website with Comre, a WordPress theme! There is an internet site that sells high-quality copouns from Comre. Woocommerce, the most popular and adaptable eCommerce plugin, was used to create the store. WordPress theme Comre features two different home page layouts and is completely responsive. Revolution Slider (priced $19) and Visual Composer (valued $30) are included for free with the theme. Coupon submissions may be made using a public form that is included in the theme. Administrators will examine and authorize the provided coupon.


Voice – News Magazine WordPress Theme

Designed for news and portal websites, Voice is a responsive news magazine WordPress theme. It includes WooCommerce and bbPress, which can be used to create a strong community or social network magazine WordPress website. Using the Theme Options Panel, you can quickly and simply alter the look and feel of Voice for WordPress to fit your preferences. It’s also versatile enough to satisfy a wide range of purposes, with an infinite number of fonts and colours to choose from. A modern responsive design, fantastic typography, and an emphasis on readability have all been incorporated into the development of Voice in order to give your visitors with the best possible user experience.


Newspaper – News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Newspaper is a WordPress theme that helps you produce articles and blog entries with ease. We give outstanding assistance and pleasant service! Create a superb news website with our newspaper WordPress design. This bestselling theme is suitable for blogging and excellent for e-commerce, shop, store, WooCommerce, news, newspaper, magazine, publishing, or review site. It supports videos from YouTube. AMP and mobile ready. RTL & multilanguage support. GDPR compliant, the theme is quick, simple, and easy to use for cryptocurrency, fashion, cuisine, lifestyle, modern, personal, travel, luxury, viral, minimal, minimalist projects, web development, and more websites.


Admania – Adsense WordPress Theme With Gutenberg Compatibility

An ad-optimized WordPress theme developed specifically for Adsense and Affiliate Marketers to increase their Ad profits by raising the click-through rate has been created by Admania (CTR). All native Gutenberg blocks are supported by this amazing Adsense-ready template, which is 100% Gutenberg compatible. To make it seem even better on mobile devices, the Admania WordPress theme is compatible with the AMP function and has a mobile-optimized design. We’ve optimised our site’s loading speed to meet Google’s ranking criteria, and we’ve gotten great marks in site speed testing.


iffiliate – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme

iffiliate is the premier eCommerce tool for generating money through affiliate marketing. The iffiliate WordPress theme for WooCommerce is an all-in-one solution for Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress affiliates. It assists advertising and sellers in increasing the amount of money they make by referring customers to large eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress.


Foxiz – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine

For news, magazine, blog, and other publication websites, Foxiz is an ideal WordPress theme. Everything you need to publish, from blogging to fashion to cuisine to beauty to technology to hardware to lifestyle to viral to architecture to video to cryptocurrency to bitcoin and more is available in one place. Elementor, dark mode, AMP, rtl, multi-language, paywall, membership, and GDPR compliance are all included in this template. Sitelinks search box, breadcrumbs bar, open graph and compatibility with Yoast, All in One and Rank Math SEO plugins are just a few of the features that make this plugin SEO friendly.


Ecome – Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

The Ecome WordPress WooCommerce Theme is a cutting-edge, well-organized design. Using WooCommerce as the backbone of your online business is made easier with this plugin. The style is suitable for all modern stores, marketplaces, and affiliate websites. Digital electronic shops, gaming shops, food and beverage shops as well as any other type of store can benefit from it. Almost all of the most prominent eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Walmart and Alibaba/Aliexpress, have built-in functionality that this one does as well. A multi-vendor marketplace for your specialised market is what this theme is all about. It’s perfect for store owners and affiliates alike.


Zeen | Newspaper Magazine News Blog WordPress Theme + WooCommerce

Zeen is a news and magazine WordPress theme built for the next generation. You have never, in all your years of using WordPress, come across a theme that looks or functions like like this one. Any user, regardless of their degree of experience, is capable of fast becoming proficient in Zeen. Your creative ideas will be given power, and you will be able to develop a magazine, personal blog, newspaper, reviews site, or even a full-fledged WooCommerce shop that is stunning, silky smooth, and extremely original. Perfect for websites of any kind, whether they focus on travel, viral content, food, or the news.


Kingdom – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme

Kingdom’s compatibility with the Amazon affiliate plugin WZone allows any new WordPress website owner to build a passive income site in record time. Kingdom is an ecommerce-focused theme with a wide range of homepage, product listing, and product description template options.. WooCommerce and WZone will take care of the store’s functionality, so all you have to worry about is the look of your website.


Electro Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme

To help you get the most out of WooCommerce, Electro is a sturdy and adaptable WordPress Electronics Store WooCommerce theme. Designed for Electronics Store, Vendor-Based Marketplaces, and Affiliate Websites Almost all of the most prominent eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Walmart and Alibaba/Aliexpress, have built-in functionality that this one does as well. A multi-vendor marketplace for your specialised market is what this theme is all about. It’s perfect for store owners and affiliates alike.


JNews – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme

A good news and magazine theme for affiliates and publishers, JNews is a good choice for news and magazine websites. A single click may install more than 150 homepages and more than 50 demonstrations. There are also more than 250 different homepage layouts to choose from, covering a wide range of topics including technology, travel, fashion, and business. There are a variety of post themes to pick from, including review and guide templates.


Blueprint – Next-Generation Blog & Magazine Theme

Finding an Amazon affiliate website theme with a lot of functionality yet isn’t overly cluttered or confusing might be tough. Blueprint, on the other hand, does not have this problem. White space and black lines combine to create an attractive look in this simple magazine theme. For publishers, marketers, and bloggers, there are several demos to choose from. In addition to a dramatic dark mode, the theme comes with nine pre-built starting sites.



Even though an affiliate website is a fairly specialized kind of website, there are still a great many different theme alternatives available to choose from. It’s possible that these are premium themes, but the money made through a good affiliate website ought to cover the one-time expense in a short amount of time, making the purchase worthwhile.