Best Water Bottle Mockup PSD Templates (2022)

You will require an appropriate mockup template psd for the task if you want to handle your graphic project with ease. It is possible to exhibit your branding designs and produce a design presentation with this fantastic article of a psd water bottle mockups in a plastic or glass container.


With the smart layer in Photoshop, you can easily customize your label and make it uniquely yours. I hope you are able to choose the right design for your project and that you appreciate it

Free Water Bottle Mockup

It’s a Free Water Bottle Mockup that will allow you to exhibit your branding designs and create a design presentation for free. In only a few clicks, you can apply your branding, logo, or label design to this mockup, and your presentation will be ready to go. You may also replace the default backdrop of this mockup with a custom one of your choosing.


Water Glass Bottle Mockup

In the water industry, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity, and new brands emerge on a regular basis. If you want to create your own bottles of water, start with the design and then move on to creating a mockup of the bottle. This will give you a better sense of what the final result will look like when it is finished. Not only that, but you can also leverage the lifelike presentation to generate buzz on social media or other forms of online distribution.



Water Bottle Mockup helps you create a photo-realistic presentation of food packaging, logo design, or label design that is both professional and appealing. Because of the use of smart objects, it is very simple to adjust and change any mockup aspect such as colours in order to make it meet the demands of your design presentation.


Sport Water Bottle Mockup 022

Here’s a mockup for a water bottle that doesn’t look like any other on the market. While following the trend, you may make a bottle stand out by bending the rules of convention. That small extra expenditure might pay off big time in the long run for your organization. This Placeit mockup is easy to use and has a slew of useful features that you can put to good use.


Mini Glass Water Bottle Mockup

Using this little glass water bottle mockup, you can display your brand in a realistic context for your portfolio or client presentation purposes. The file is in PSD format, and it may be readily changed with the aid of a help pdf document that has been provided with the package.


Water Bottle Mockups

This bundle contains easy-to-work-with files that allow you to alter water bottle packaging mockups to match your brand’s aesthetics and specifications. Labels, colours, backgrounds, and even shadows may all be customized. To finish, just put your designs using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer, copy and paste your artwork, and save the document.


Free Mineral Bottles Mockups

Three plain plastic water bottles serve as the basis for your custom branding in this strikingly simple yet effective mockup. You may even modify the colour of the label, cap, and background while simultaneously uploading your design to all three bottles. The entire display may be tailored to your brand’s specifications to the smallest detail. As a bonus, if your bottles will look anything like the mockup’s, congratulations!


Shiny and Colorful Buttons

Use the simple upload function to get your creative into the mix. This template is simple and straightforward to use, ensuring that the final product adheres to the company’s branding guidelines. As an additional customization option, the colour of the bottle itself may be altered. Prepare a presentation that will impress and motivate your audience, as well as yourself and your customer.



If you’re on the hunt for anything new, this may be the answer. It is easy to get viewers excited about the goods with this fantastic impact. You may use this mockup if you’re designing a bottle for a company owner or if you’re selling them online. In other words, the final product will be a true work of art.


Aluminium Water Bottle Mockup Vol.1

To prevent it from breaking, a water bottle may be painted or protected in some other way. Please use this mockup template if it is anything of interest to your company. Make the most of the mockup in just a few clicks by putting your creative mind to good use. When you use Placeit, all you have to do is have your design ready, and the rest is done in your browser. You may also alter the bottle’s colour and add some text on it.


Glass Water Bottle Mockup

Visualize your own trendy label on this free glass water bottle mockup. Use this Photoshop.psd file to present your water bottle designs in an eye-catching format for potential customers. Help files are given for those who are not familiar with Photoshop. It is crucial to pay attention to the label on the packaging. Using this Water Bottle Mockup will help you get the best results. It includes three images of hydro flask water bottles in this bundle.


Water Bottle Mockup + Poster

An excellent method for any artist to display their work. Create your own own packaging project with this Adobe Photoshop file and display your own brand. Smart components make it simple to add your own branding or logo to these mockups. Without worrying about perspective, lighting & shadows, reflections, etc., you may alter or delete the layers of the visual canvas and replace them with your own graphics when using smart-object. Whenever you make a modification to the smart-object in the main file, it automatically updates itself. In order to have greater control, each item has its own layer group with a lot of layers.


Free Water Bottle Mock-UP

It goes without saying that you may also adjust the colour of the bottle and the backdrop, as well as ensure that the presentation adheres to all branding rules. This is one of the most effective mockups that you can use to demonstrate the sports bottle in a straightforward manner. Use the conclusion on social media and other promotional initiatives to boost the enthusiasm of potential purchasers when they receive it.


Glass Bottle Water

With the Glass Bottle Water Mockup, you can show off your design from various perspectives. It is excellent for brands and is made up of individual layer sets, which makes it easy to customize. It is possible to store water in a variety of methods, whether for personal or commercial use. The glass bottle, on the other hand, is one of the most secure options. It has nearly negligible rates of chemical reactions as a result, which is why the flavour of water is retained. When working with glass bottles, this free mockup will come in handy.


Sport Water Bottle Mockup 005

Mock-up of your excellent work in a photorealistic professional setting! This mock-up will assist you in submitting your work to the customer in a beautiful and elegant manner, and it will also look stunning on your website or portfolio. It includes a glass bottle with a label that may be customized through the use of a smart object layer. Furthermore, to make it more interesting, you may change the colour of the glass, its reflection, the liquid colour for various liquid items, the cap colour, and the backdrop of this mockup.



One of the most necessary goods in the world today is a water bottle. Every worker who goes to work every day should take a water bottle with them, just as kids who go to school every day do. Even in the workplace, sports field, or at home, you’ll find a water bottle laying around for folks to use anytime they’re thirsty.