Best Laundry Service WordPress Themes 2022

These laundry service WordPress themes are the perfect solution for every form of business laundry service website. If you are seeking for a high quality designed theme with more additional features for your laundry service business, then the Laundry theme is the ideal choice so that you can publish your website in a very rapid period.


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Laundry, Dry Cleaning Services WordPress Theme

There are many user-friendly and adjustable elements in the Laundry–Laundry Services WordPress theme that will assist you to develop a solid website for your online company. As a result, the Laundry theme is completely responsive and looks great on any screen size or device. For any form of laundry service company website, the laundry theme is the perfect option. Choosing the Laundry theme is the perfect option if you want a high-quality created theme with additional features for your laundry service business, which can be released in a short period of time.


Be Clean – Cleaning Company, Maid Service & Laundry WordPress Theme

Be Clean is a company that provides cleaning, maid, and laundry services. To establish a website for a maid service agency, a cleaning company, or a laundry service provider, you may use a tool called WordPress Theme, which is an all-in-one solution. The Be Clean cleaning wp theme has all of the necessary functionality to make it easy to create a website for a cleaning service. It has a cleaning cost calculator, a profiles post type to introduce team members of your cleaning company, and a fully styled and integrated woocommerce shop to sell goods for cleaning and laundry washing. All of these features can be found in the theme.


GoWash | Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service WordPress Theme

GoWash is a WordPress theme that is both responsive and strong. It was designed with a contemporary aesthetic and a focus on use with the intention of serving the needs of dry cleaning and laundry service businesses. A robust website capable of displaying your services, such as a laundry agency, dry cleaning business, leather cleaning shop, ironing, repairs store, and pick-up and delivery service, may be crafted by you using a large number of features that are fully configurable. The motif has the potential to be an ideal answer for problems that arise in the corporate service sector of company.


Laundry City | Dry Cleaning Services WordPress Theme

WordPress theme that is responsive, up to date, and attractive; its name is Laundry City. It was made for a dry cleaning service agency and laundry service firm, thus the design is straightforward and practical. You can create a powerful website to represent your corporate business or private company online with the help of many customizable functions. These functions include the following: collection and delivery of clothes, dry cleaning, laundry, drying, laundry, leather cleaning, ironing, clothes repair, collection and delivery of clothes, and dry cleaning.


Dry Cleaning | Laundry Services

The Laundry & Washing WordPress theme has a Dry Cleaning category. With this dry cleaners theme, you may offer a wide range of laundry-related services, such as stain treatment, laundry delivery, laundry services, and maid services, to your customers. You can also use it to run a dry cleaning business or a cleaning agency. Cleaners, sanitizers and other professionals in the cleaning industry can benefit from a variety of types of website design. Pages for hiring a cleaner, becoming a cleaner, handmaid services and maid services can be created.


Laundryes WordPress theme

For mobile clothes washing and cleaning service firms, this is an easy WordPress theme packed with features such as video sharing segments, a business motto box with CTA and much more. Make it easy for visitors and frequent customers to get in touch with you with the built-in lead capture form in this simple WordPress theme Promote new laundry services by using the information you’ve gathered from your customers in the back-end database.


Qondri – Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services WordPress Theme

The Qondri WordPress Theme is a Contemporary and Versatile WordPress Theme for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services. It comes with a large number of features that are easy to use and can be customised, both of which can assist you in developing a powerful website to represent your online business. The Qondri theme is completely responsive, and it maintains an appealing appearance across a wide variety of displays and devices. The Qondri theme is the superior option for developing a website for any kind of laundry services company.


CleanMate – Cleaning WordPress Theme

CleanMate is a tidy, organised, and pleasant to browse, feature rich, and responsive WordPress Theme that is ideal for a cleaning company dedicated to cleaning, a maid service, house cleaning, disinfection and sanitation cleaning, or anybody who specialises in a cleaning business. The CleanMate is an effective tool for cleaning, regardless of whether you work for a cleaning company or on your own.


Service Master – Handyman Theme

This is a multi-concept theme that is well suited for many kinds of service businesses, including but not limited to landscaping, courier, roofing, home cleaning, handyman, car wash, information technology services, and many more. Service Master not only comes with a broad selection of gorgeous home and inner pages, but it also comes with a collection of components that enable you to make magnificent presentations of your business. These elements can be found in the Presentations folder. You can also build up an online store quickly and easily with stunning shop layouts, and you can share your ideas and views with visitors to your site through the use of lovely blog designs.


The Kleaner – Industrial Cleaning Company WordPress Theme

The Kleaner is a WordPress theme designed for businesses that perform related services, such as Industrial Cleaning, Factory Cleaning, Warehouse Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, Disinfection & Sanitization Service, Rope Access Cleaning, and Industrial Hygiene Services. Using the One Click Demo Importer, you can have your website up and running in a matter of minutes. Create pages using the Drag & Drop Page Builder and utilize the Live Theme Customizer to make changes to the theme’s visual design and test them in your browser.



The process of getting started with laundry-related WordPress themes has never been simpler. To make a lovely website for yourself, there is no longer a requirement to have a strong background in web design. This may be demonstrated to you by our premium WordPress layouts. You can promote your laundry service like a pro if you get additional information and discover the benefits of each strategy, which can be found here.