Best Free WordPress Translation Plugins for Multilingual Websites

Millions of non-English websites use WordPress around the world. WordPress allows you to construct a website in whatever language you like. However, WordPress does not have the capacity to generate multilingual websites built-in.


Fortunately, there are several effective WordPress translation plugins that make adding multilingual content to your site a breeze. We’ll show you the finest WordPress translation plugins for creating multilingual websites in this article.


Posts, categories, and even WordPress widgets can be translated using the Polylang Pro plugin. You can use the Polylang plugin to add as many languages as you like, which is a big plus. Subdirectories, subdomains, or even multiple domains can be used to organize translations. It’s also possible to include a language switcher in the navigation menu or as a widget in order to make it easier for visitors to select their favourite language. Polylang Pro allows you to add Lingotek as an additional option.


Multilanguage by BestWebSoft – WordPress Translation Plugin and Language Switcher

This plugin, which has a significant impact despite its low overhead, comes in last on the list of free translation plugins for WordPress. It comes with more than 80 different languages already installed on it. The process of manually translating the entirety of a website’s content is simplified as a result. When necessary, a switcher can also be added to the system. It is possible to translate open graph meta tags. In addition to that, it provides regular updates that address any functioning problems.


Loco Translate

Aimed squarely at WordPress developers, Loco Translate is a freemium plugin that provides translation services. Allowing translators to focus on their job, it includes an easy-to-use interface. Loco Translate works nicely with well-known APIs like DeepL and Google to make the translation process easier. For the most part, you may utilize Loco Translate to translate your WordPress themes and plugins from the administration area. Loco Translate doesn’t automatically update translations when new themes or plugins are released, thus you’ll have to do it yourself.


Phrase for WordPress

Using this plugin, you will be able to submit the content of individual pages or posts to your Phrase projects without ever leaving the WordPress interface. Send the translations back to WordPress whenever you’re finished with them, and you’ll be able to publish multilingual sites with ease.


Google Website Translator

Prisna created the Google Website Translator plugin. Using this open-source software, anyone may develop multilingual websites for free. Google Translate may be used to automatically translate your text to more than 100 languages, just like the GTranslate plugin. There is no restriction on the number of words you can translate with Google Translate. The fact that it is a lightweight plugin means that it won’t slow down your site. However, the Google Translate Plugin does not have a lot of customization options.


Lingotek Translation

A separate plugin is required to use Lingotek Translation. It’s an add-on for Polylang that gives you the language abilities you need. Three types of translation services are available through Lingotek, a leading cloud-based network. You can use Lingotek’s text editor for community translations, which are free up to 100,000 characters long. There are a few other options, including Lingotek’s professional translation services, which are provided by professional translators.


Translate Multilingual sites – TranslatePress

It’s a freemium WordPress translation plug-in called TranslatePress. WordPress themes, plugins, and more may be translate with this tool. TranslatePress, like Lingotek, allows for both manual and automated translation. A language switcher can be freely add to a website, allowing visitors to customize the language settings to their liking. Using TranslatePress, users may translate right from the front-end of the website. When translating, the live preview feature makes it easier to switch back and forth between languages.


WPGlobus – Multilingual Everything!

This plugin provides you with access to all of the fundamental functions that are required for translating your website and managing the translations. You are able to manually translate articles, pages, categories, tags, menus, and widgets with the help of WPGlobus. It has both a language switcher for the frontend and an option to change the language of the admin interface, which can be access from the top bar.



If you want to reach a worldwide audience, you need have a bilingual website. It’s not difficult to translate your WordPress site and make it bilingual using these plugins. Additionally, they may help you rise in search engine results. Blogs and websites like job boards and tourist guides can benefit greatly from having multilingual versions. In addition to helping you expand your business into new regions, they can raise the awareness of your brand across the globe.