Dad Hat Mockup

Dad hats have a looser fit and a curved brim, whereas factory-made baseball caps have a straight or less curved brim and a fitted crown. It is common for dad hats to have five to six panels of cloth and be loose and lightweight, making them ideal for wearing all day.


A baseball cap’s snapback allows the wearer to customize the fit to his or her specific head size. You may download our free dad hat mockup set in Photoshop (psd) format immediately.

As a result, the crown color, top button color, edge and brim color, and background color may be altered to suit your needs.

Dad Hat Mockup Free Psd Template Download

A PSD file for Adobe Photoshop is included in this free download package. Free dad cap mockup psd may be used to build front-facing dad hat presentations. Layers and folders in the file are well labelled, making it easy to update and customize the template to incorporate your own text, logo, or color scheme. Photoshop’s (ctrl+u) shortcut allows you to quickly switch colors.


2 Free Cap Mockups

You may use our free mockup to promote your brand. You can choose the color of the logo to be on the cap. Editing a mockup is, after all, a piece of cake. Customers will be wowed if you put on a fantastic show for them. Using the Photoshop software, you can bring your wildest visions to life with this free 4K hat PSD mockup. It’s my hope that you’ll find it enjoyable.



We have discussed about Dad Hat Mockup in this post. For the most part, factory-made baseball caps feature straight or less-curved brims and fitted crowns, whereas Dad Hats tend to be looser-fitting. All-day wearability is ensured by the flexible and lightweight nature of most dad hats, which typically contain five to six panels of cotton.