Best Resume HTML Templates 2022 (Free & Pro)

HTML resumes are considerably preferable to PDFs that everyone uses when applying for jobs. For starters, an HTML resume allows you to stand out from the throng. Greater significantly, HTML resumes provide you more freedom to construct a resume that suits your talents and personality.


All you need is basic HTML and CSS expertise. Grab an HTML resume template from our selection below to get a jump start. These templates are totally configurable so you may alter the code as you like to make a unique resume.

DNA – Free One Page HTML Template

DNA is a free one-page HTML template. It is a modern, fashionable, and responsive design template. Most people are very up and honest about their objectives. Visitors may be put off by websites with many moving elements.

It diverts their focus away from the original purpose of their visit. It is vital to utilize a one-page website template for this reason. Many websites take use of the fact that they have multiple pages.


Rezyme CV/Resume Template

In the realm of online resumes and CVs, Rezyme has set the bar high. You want to make a good first impression on your potential employer, and an attractive design may help you do that. In order to get a higher ranking on the internet, you need to use SEO-friendly code, right semantics, and w3 valid coding. Rezyme has a robust admin panel and unique features that will allow you to express yourself in a unique way.



Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licences Draco. Consequently, the information may be copied and distributed in any media or format as well as modified, repurposed, and built upon in any way you see fit. Afnizar Nur Ghifari is the brains behind this template. You can check out the live demo of Draco, a free PSD and HTML/CSS resume template, here. It’s ideal for those of you who plan to generate a résumé online.


C Resume a Personal Category Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

These website templates for resumes are built on the most recent and popular technologies, such as Bootstrap 3 and 4, HTML5, and CSS3. Consequently, each of these themes comes equipped with a jQuery filter gallery, a responsive layout, a modal popup, CSS animation, and so on. These templates were created and built by a skilled professional web developer with years of expertise.


Kelly – Bootstrap CV Resume HTML Template

Kelly is a bootstrap template for portfolios and resumes and CVs that is professional, clean, versatile, and very adjustable. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity to display their online efforts. It is really clever, simple, and shows your information in a stylish manner while yet maintaining a professional appearance. Built using a tidier and more up-to-date HTML5 + CSS3 code, and it is simple to tweak.


Kelvin – Bootstrap Resume Template

The Bootstrap framework was used to create the quick and lightweight personal and resume website template Kelvin. To attract potential employers, this is an outstanding resume template that enables users to post their portfolio, CV, and resume on the web. On top of that, it has a fun icon-based navigation system. Kelvin is also an essential template for a wide range of company websites. It may be seen in full on small mobile devices like cellphones as well as larger ones like a desktop or laptop computer. Your readers or audience will acquire all the information they need thanks to the template’s thoroughness.



Resume is a Bootstrap landing page theme designed to help you create beautiful, easy to use, and elegant resume websites. Resume can be used to produce resumes or CVs. A stationary side navigation with anchors that scroll around the page Included on a resume are areas for highlighting experience in the workplace, education, talents, and more! In addition, you’ve included a resume download button and links to prominent social networking sites so that people can discover you there.


Creative CV

Created using Bootstrap and Now UI Kit, Creative CV is a professional design resume/CV HTML template. This adaptable and modern design template is ideal for showcasing your portfolio, abilities, and expertise. Aside from that, it’s quite easy to tweak and extend it to meet your specific needs. Unique landing pages are included in this resume website template for your bio, abilities and portfolio as well as education and recommendations. In the header, your photo, name, and “hire me” buttons are all clearly displayed.


Personal – Free Resume Bootstrap Template

You’re looking for a resume template that’s perfect and professional? A personal Bootstrap theme is what you’re looking for. An entirely fresh and original template is here. If you’re looking for a unique resume, this is the best option for you. Your information is presented in a fashion that is both tasteful and professional. HTML5 and Bootstrap are used to build the template. A few additional variables have been added to the Bootstrap framework to make customizing it easier. Getting started is a breeze because to the variety of options available. jQuery has been added to the Personal template. The visual effects and animations are basic and fluid. Your portfolio will be on a separate page because your resume has a multi-page structure.


Eric – Responsive CV / Resume / Personal / Portfolio Template

ERIC is a Responsive CV / Resume / V-Card / Personal Website / Portfolio Template that was created using the most recent technologies, including HTML5, Bootstrap, Sass, and Angular js. Make a strong first impression by introducing yourself with this one-of-a-kind and lovely design. Your clients or employers will like it if you give them every crucial detail together with great design components. Because of the exceptional quality of its code and, of course, bootstrap Sass, it offers a great deal of scope for personalization. It has an intelligently adaptable design, which gives it the appearance of being flexible and sharp on any smartphone or tablet device.


BreezyCV – Resume HTML Template

BreezyCV is a comprehensive solution that may be used for a variety of purposes, including vCard websites, resumes, and CVs. Creating a website using BreezyCV is really a lot less complicated than it appears like it would be at first glance. You may have the most of the job done in under two minutes at the very most. After that point, all you have to do is concentrate on the finishing touches, like inputting your details, and you will be good to go. And the answer to that question is no, you do not need any prior knowledge with coding in order to have BreezyCV perform its magic for you.


RyanCV – CV Resume HTML Template

Best for developers, coders and any other job that requires an eye-catching CV. The creation of online resume and CV websites should no longer be difficult with Ryan and all the pre-built components: several layouts, dark and light versions, 8+ pre-built demo layouts, RTL support. You’ll be able to attract new customers with a website that is both mobile-friendly and completely customizable. Promoting yourself and your work is easy when you work with Ryan to create a resume/CV or personal website.


Leven | Resume HTML Template

Because Leven includes a page builder that uses a drag-and-drop interface, your material can be submitted and made live without the need for scripting. Everyone that uses Leven is successful in constructing websites, regardless of how much prior expertise they may or may not have had. With Leven, you won’t need to spend money on hiring a specialist to design your page as you would with other platforms. You may do it on your own and end up with a page that looks really professional. When you acquire access to this wonderful technology, it is the way things will go.


Watson – Resume HTML Template

The Watson template is an attention-grabbing vCard and résumé that is professional, clean, and creative. This template may be used for a variety of different things, including vCards, resumes, portfolios, CVs, photographs, freelancer work, artwork, and illustrations, to name a few. There are 36 page transitions, and you may pick from one of six colour schemes. All of the files and the code have been neatly arranged and annotated in order to make customization simple.


Maha CV/Resume – HTML template

To help you succeed, we created the Maha CV / Resume Template. All-in-one design ready to work on any screen, big or little. It’s an inventive, minimalistic, and clean-cut style. Individuals who seek a unique resume or online portfolio can use Maha CV/Resume Template. Everything you’d expect to see on a corporate website is right here. It’s easy to customize the Maha CV / Resume Template with Bootstrap 4 and Scss. All of the code is well-documented and extremely easy to alter.. Is it possible for you to add a personal touch?


Ober – Resume HTML Template

You may use this CV Resume HTML Template to show off your skills as a developer, designer or programmer as well as a freelancer or a lawyer. One and multi-page layouts, beautiful animations, Parallax, and a Portfolio with Filters are all included in OBER. Simply the best place to list your achievements, talents, education, and more. Perfect for any sort of job, as well as a personal website or a creative CV An efficient strategy to advertise yourself and highlight your work is to create a resume/CV or personal website with OBER


Material CV / Resume HTML Template

For those of you who are looking for a professional material design resume template, this is the one we recommend. MDB UI Kit has been used to create a responsive resume website template. With subtle movements and shadows, this template offers a clean material design. For example, there are spaces for your education and work experience as well as references and contact information. This HTML template may be printed from your web browser or exported as a PDF.


Resume – Responsive, Bootstrap CV / Resume

As the name implies, Resume is a resume template that can help you land your next job. It is based on Twitter Bootstrap. It’s easy to alter and extensively annotated thanks to the HTML5 + CSS3 code. We want every customer to be satisfied, therefore we’ll do everything we can to help you all out with any template concerns. If you have a customization or re-design request that is more complex, we will not be able to assist you. Please contact the plugin creator if you have any concerns with 3rd party plugins, since he or she understands more about the plugin’s code and can assist you more effectively.


ShiftCV | Blog, Resume, Portfolio

The HTML site template known as ShiftCV was designed to be utilized as a personal website, CV, resume, or personal blog. It is designed with HTML5 and CSS3 and has a fairly straightforward structure. Additionally, there is the choice to either print the online resume or download it in PDF format. You will be provided with full HTML Documentation that accompanies ShiftCV. This documentation will instruct you on how to install and use the software correctly.


MEE – Responsive Resume / Personal Portfolio

The Mee resume template has an appearance that is clean, uncluttered, and very professional. A completely fresh CV template that stands out from the others is now available. This design is ideal for anybody who is interested in creating a personalized resume website that stands out from the crowd in terms of its style, layout, and colour scheme. This template features not only blog pages but also 404 pages and four different colour schemes.



We hope that you have been successful in locating the format for your subsequent CV, regardless of whether you are a novice to the world of the internet or a seasoned veteran. Be remember to leave a comment below if you have any templates that you find particularly useful. Check out our Introduction to HTML course if you need more assistance in setting them up. This course will walk you through the process of making step-by-step changes to your template.