Best Free Logo Makers in 2022

Before you shell out cash for a complete software, the best free logo builder may serve as an excellent starting point for your trip into the world of design. However, it is possible that you may never have to shell out any cash, since the best free logo creation applications that we have compiled in this guide offer enough functionality and quality for you to possibly require.


A free logo maker is exactly what you need when you need to come up with a simple logo quickly, whether you’re testing out ideas for a project or need something quick for a presentation. While you wouldn’t use one for a paying client, a free logo maker is just the thing when you need to come up with a simple logo. The ones that are on list are quite good and provide a fantastic finished logo for novices and amateurs, in addition to providing a starting point for experienced graphic designers.


Wix is a specialized tool for the creation of logos that may assist you in developing eye-catching emblems for your company. After providing answers to a few basic questions like your line of business, industry, etc., you will be presented with a selection of appropriate colours, icons, and fonts. After that, you will be presented with some great, fully editable logo templates that include the name of your brand.



In a manner analogous to that of Ucraft’s Logo Maker, LogoMakr gives you the ability to get started on the project on your own by making use of fundamental vector tools. It’s one of the more hands-on options among the best free logo makers, and with a friendly and intuitive front end, not to mention more fonts and other tools than Ucraft’s option, it’s a strong choice; we’d like it even more if it allowed you to use gradients as well as flat fills, but you can’t have everything. It’s one of the more hands-on options among the best free logo makers, and with a friendly and intuitive front end, not to


Logo Garden

The user interface of Logo Garden isn’t particularly complex. Although it offers few customizing options, it works really well for producing simple logos. When you are trying to determine the best drawing for your logo, it is also a great spot to try out a variety of alternative combinations.


Logo Genie

Another one of several free logo makers available, Logo Genie makes it simple and quick to create a logo using their on-site logo builder software. Logo Genie is an automatic logo builder that also gives a certain amount of customization. It provides readymade icons and designs for a variety of various businesses, such as the beauty industry, wellness industry, cleaning industry, photography industry, and more.


Smashing Logo

Similar to Looka, Smashinglogo provides a wide variety of customization choices to pick from. Once you have decided on the design of your logo, you can utilize the editor to add or remove elements as you see fit. You are able to alter specific templates, but not to the full extent that you can with other platforms. This limitation pertains to the amount to which you are able to personalize the platform. If you are looking for a quick and effective logo design, the platform is still an excellent tool to employ.



Hatchful, a free logo builder offered by Shopify, is an excellent option to consider using if user friendliness is a top concern for you in your search for the best free logo makers. It is simple to get started: all you need to do is give it some information about the company whose logo you want to design, choose a type of logo that appeals to you, and explain how you want to put it to use. After that, you will be shown a large number of alternatives from which to choose.


Tailor Brands

Free logo builder Tailor Brands makes it simple and fast to design a logo that is appropriate for virtually any kind of company. It walks you through a variety of possibilities and gives you the ability to choose which designs you like and which you don’t like as you go along. After that, purchasing your company logo will be as simple as clicking a few buttons.


Mark Maker

Here’s another of the best free logo makers that’ll do most of the hard work for you. MarkMaker takes an approach that you should be familiar with by now: it’ll ask you for a company name (and optionally what kind of business it’s in) and then start generating logo suggestions. Click on the ones that take your fancy, and it’ll give you more options influenced by your choices.


In addition, AI is utilized by in the process of creating stunning and original logos that successfully grab the attention of onlookers. Create your company logo in a matter of seconds while taking advantage of a wide variety of logo layouts and template sizes. In addition, provides a diverse selection of mockups that you may use to showcase the quality of your merchandise. The editor is uncomplicated and easy to use, which makes adding elements such as font, colour, photos, and more a breeze and eliminates any and all complications.


Square Space

Using Squarespace’s Logo Generator, you can see your new logo across a variety of media, including your website, business cards, and even t-shirts. In spite of the fact that it lacks several features, it is nevertheless a useful tool. Squarespace will provide stunning results in a matter of seconds when you specify the symbols, icons, and colours you like. It’s possible to preview how your new logo will look in motion once you’ve decided on it. If you like what you see, you can have it for free.


Design Iconic

In addition to that, DesignIconic offers AI-generated logos, all of which are quite spectacular and breathtaking to look at. Every design is one of a kind, and the logos have a very individual quality to them. You may find a selection of templates that are appealing to your brand by selecting the industry you are in, typing in your company name, and viewing the results. DesignIconic has been used to design more than 14,365 logos, and the website now has 2,500 premium subscribers, a number that is always increasing. You have your choice of fashionable fonts, eye-catching symbols and colours, animated images, and a great many more options.


Name Cheap

The NameCheap Logo Design Tool is geared for small businesses and provides a slew of excellent tools for creating visually stunning logos. Colors, typefaces, and icons for your logo may be easily found by viewing them in real-world applications. You may get a sense of how the logo will look in real life by limiting down your options from hundreds to tens. The vector file for your logo design is available for download once you’ve finished designing it.



Even while it’s good to have a lot of ready-made alternatives to pick from, if you’d rather do everything by yourself, then Ucraft’s Logo Maker gives you access to all of the tools that you’ll want in order to accomplish this. It is, in essence, a pretty straightforward vector editor that provides you with a large number of icons that you may rearrange and augment with text, forms, and colour in order to create the ideal logo for your business.



Zyro is one of the simplest and most user-friendly utilities on this list. Using this intuitive logo maker, you can quickly and easily create a professional-looking logo from scratch. All you have to do is choose a basic logo, then pick a colour and a form for it. If you want to build your ideal logo, you may choose from a large range of pre-made concepts and then alter and adapt each one to your liking. And it’s completely free! Create and download your logo in minutes without the aid of a professional graphic designer.


Fiver Logo Maker

Using the logo maker on Fiverr provides your brand a professional look. Creating an eye-catching logo for your company is a breeze when you use Fiverr. Once you’ve entered your company’s information, pick the design you desire. You may obtain some excellent ideas and fantastic possibilities for developing a logo that raises awareness of a company by modifying colours, icons, style and typography. If you pay a fee, one of their designers will check over your logo and make any necessary adjustments.


Free Logo Design

Another piece of software designed for the production of logos, Free Logo Design includes a variety of tools that are comparable to those described before. At the same time, this site includes a blog that consists of intriguing articles on the history of certain well-known logos and branding, in addition to guidelines that include helpful ideas on how to create your own unique logo design.


Online Logo Maker

The Online Logo Maker is a great option for producing combining, typographic, and abstract logos. If you want to make one using free software for design logo, you should click on “Start Logo Maker,” and then use the various menu tabs to add text, symbol, and form. If you want to create one, you should use free software for design logo. Because the provided icons are organized into thematic groups, it is now much simpler for a user to locate the specific icon that they want.


Logotype Maker

With over 200 fonts, 1,000 professional templates, and 600,000 vector shapes, Logo Type Maker makes logo design straightforward even for those who aren’t professionals. Additionally, they give SVG files and unrestricted customizability so that you may alter your colours and fonts whenever you want. It’s possible to create a modern logo for free, but it’s not adjustable. You will be able to export your design as a 300DPI JPG or PNG file, unlike other free logo generators.



Typically, a platform is referred to as a Logo Maker when it has the capacity to design and produce logo visuals, whether as its primary or an extra function.

The majority of design tools available today can also produce logos, making them suitable for use as logo makers. In order to make a design that appears to have been created by a professional, its features include the ability to add graphics, text, and colour as well as to work from pre-made templates.