The Best Infographic Maker in 2022

The greatest infographic creator may be an incredibly important tool if you have a tonne of data to show in an easy-to-read way. An infographic creator can transform masses of difficult knowledge into simple images that make the content much easier to grasp (not to mention gorgeous) (not to mention prettier).

Creating your own infographic from scratch may take a great lot of time – therefore here you’ll discover a hand-selected collection of basic yet effective infographic creation tools. The list of infographic creators below includes both free and paid infographic maker software. Many are geared towards novices – yet even these are typically capable tools and worth checking out for designers. If you need some inspiration, just have a look at our collection of the best infographics. 


Aside from creating infographics, Canva allows you to make logos, business cards, restaurant menus and posters, among other things. Once you pick a template with the help of drag and drop widgets, the entire procedure is enjoyable and smooth. The option to utilise photographs from your own collection as a background or an addition to the infographic is what distinguishes Canva from other creators of infographics.



Another excellent free infographic creator is Snappa. Snappa’s icon library includes well-known businesses like Nickelodeon and PayPal, making it a standout feature of the app. Although SpongeBob may not feature in your infographic comparing various online payment services in the future, their logos are now icon-sized and ready for use in your infographic. The Snappa software is ideal if you need to create a basic infographic quickly. The controls are simple to use and the UI is straightforward to understand. However, your options are restricted to what Snappa has to offer, which isn’t much when compared to other infographic creators.



For the most part, Adioma’s generative templates let you start with a blank canvas and let the infographics populate themselves with the content you give. As you add or delete material, they automatically alter. As a result, you won’t have to spend any time altering or realigning your infographic afterward. Additionally, you may switch between multiple templates to see how your data might appear in other forms. What sets this infographic generator distinct from the others is its extensive collection of icons (you can also upload your own). The more premium plans feature a larger collection of resources, better download choices, and the possibility to post more of your own material.


Adobe Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly known as Adobe Spark) is an excellent choice if you’re in a hurry to create infographics for your social media accounts. There are more than 10,000 templates to pick from, as well as tens of thousands of free, open-source components. Subscribing unlocks all the features, however there is a free option. The drag-and-drop editor in Creative Cloud Express makes it incredibly simple to work with. Get the template you’re looking for, and then begin tweaking. You may alter the background, update the text, add an image, introduce an icon, and include your own brand into the design (if you have one). Once you’ve finished creating your infographic, you may scale it to fit your preferred social media platform and then download it (we recommend keeping it in a cloud storage service).



To help you produce a wide variety of picture graphics for any event, DesignCap provides several templates, including posters, infographics, and social media designs. In addition to millions of stock images, charts and forms, you’ll also get access to thousands of icons and modules that you may use in your projects. DesignCap is a free infographic builder with a good selection of templates, however some of the finer ones need a payment. There’s a tonne of free icons, graphics, and stock photos to choose from, and you can even post your own. For $4.99 a month, you may subscribe to a basic subscription that includes limitless templates, high-res png and pdf outputs, as well as the ability to export jpgs.



Even while BeFunky is capable of serving as an infographic tool, its primary function is that of a picture editor and collage creator. Although the photo editing capabilities are excellent, there are just four infographic designs available. There are only three of them who are paid, so there isn’t much diversity. The interface is slick, and drag-and-drop functionality is available, although it might be difficult to navigate through all of the submenus at first. However, it is not the most user-friendly programme, at least not at first. It is useful for heavily customised presentations.



For data visualisation, Easelly is a simple-to-use design tool. It has been used by more than 3 million people to complete more than 6 million projects. It gives you access to over 100,000 professional templates made by News Corp., Whole Foods, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, among others. Drag and drop any text components and photos into a template, modify colours, pick fonts, and upload images from your computer to create a basic infographic. The built-in libraries of icons, images, charts, and graphics allow you to further personalise your project. Easelly allows you to download projects in various file formats, share them online, and even embed them in blog posts for your convenience.



Infogram is a simple tool to learn and use. Individuals and teams alike can benefit from its ability to produce high-quality material. It also has the benefit of allowing you to animate things. You may employ a variety of effects, helpful tips, tabs, and clickable legends, among other features. In order to make this service available from any browser, tablet or smartphone, the creators used cutting-edge technology. Any graphical problem may be solved quickly using Infogram. To make it easier for your coworkers to exchange photographs, you may set up a private library for them. In addition, you’ll learn a lot about your audience’s demographics, on-screen rate, and total number of views using this tool. All browsers and devices will be able to see your material in the same way. Facebook Instant Articles and Medium are supported by this top infographics software.



As an infographic builder for students and academics, Mind the Graph is the best option. The subscription plans are reasonably priced, and there are a large number of layouts and icons to pick from in a variety of sectors. The free version, on the other hand, is really basic. There are just five charts to choose from, and no free templates are offered. One project at a time and no more than one at a time The submenus are hidden and reset after putting an element, such as a chart or an image. When it comes to creating, this may either be a blessing or a curse. Icons and charts can be enlarged by clicking on them, but the text has to be moved and dropped to be rearranged. To sum up, the commercial versions fare better than the free one, although the latter is still a long way behind the pack.



Piktochart is the greatest data visualisation tool that can be accessible online since it is a web-based service that allows users to create unique designs and presentations. Users have the option of either using photos from the built-in collection or of uploading their own. You won’t have to pay for a licence or credit the pictures when you use this infographic generator. Visualize your data using charts and maps for a fresh perspective. All you have to do is import your data, select a template, customise it, and then save your work. Colors may be changed in a few simple steps by any user. There are several shortcuts in Piktochart that can help you build a stunning infographic for your company. There are several ways to distribute it.



First and foremost, Animaker is a videographer. Using Animaker, you’re not actually creating infographics at all… You’re creating animated infographics. There are many lists of the best infographic producers, but the truth is that it’s more of a presentation builder than an infographic creator. There are similarities between presentations and infographics in that they both serve the same purpose: to make complex information accessible to the general public. Breaking your project into scenes is necessary since Animaker is a video-maker. An infographic with a strong storey can benefit greatly from this technique. It’s also a good choice for long infographics so that viewers don’t have to scroll for a long time to get to the conclusion. You may save your movies in HD resolution with the Starter package.



Biteable is a sophisticated video producer that allows you to create HD-quality films for free. It is available on the App Store. And, given that we’re talking about infographics today, We can tell you that you will be able to create visually appealing video infographics with this application. A variety of infographic video templates are available for you to choose from and customise to your liking.



It claims to be “the free infographic creator” on its website. This is a bit of a misnomer—they are not the only free infographic maker, and they don’t give all of their services for free, either. Venngage, like other infographic creators, goes beyond merely creating images. It’s possible to use Venngage to create static visual material such as flyers, presentations, reports, and so forth. Venngage asks you questions like what the infographic is for and if it’s for a personal, professional, or educational assignment in order to assist you obtain the design you desire. Similar to several logo generators, you can then select from a selection of example infographics to discover which design style is most to your preference. 


Google Charts 

Powerful and easy to use, Google’s charting capabilities are also available as a fully free infographic creator tool in this instance. You may customize a wide collection of features to properly match the appearance and feel of your website by selecting from a choice of charts and configuring them. Due to the fact that Google Charts connects your data in real time, it is a basic infographic generator for your website.



There is no better free map-based infographic builder than Kartograph. It’s a free design tool for creating graphical and interactive maps designed for the needs of designers and data reporters. App does not require Google Maps or any other mapping provider – and there are many other map styles to choose from – making it easy and lightweight. The necessary maps may be generated using Python and JavaScript tools. Both the Python and the JS libraries assist you to create attractive and concise SVG maps that operate on all major browsers.



If you’re a new business, an infographic creator might be a useful tool, especially if you need something quickly. As you can see, the most popular infographic creators on the web have a lot in common. It’s essential to narrow down which of these possibilities delivers the features you need at an affordable price so that you can create your next popular infographic. In our opinion, it’s best to experiment with these infographic builders first and then collaborate with an expert designer for a genuinely original and professional infographic design.