Best Video Editing Software & Tools for Designers

It’s common knowledge that high-quality video editing software is essential for creating films fit for sharing on services like Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, or YouTube.

As a content marketer, you know that high-quality product videos are more likely to convince hesitant customers to make a buy than still images alone. In fact, Wyzowl, a business that specialises in animated explainer videos, found that 78 percent of video marketers claim their efforts have resulted in increased sales thanks to the use of video.

We’ve rounded up some of the greatest video editing programmes available, both free and premium, and listed them below. Given that every videographer has their own preferences and requirements, we’ve outlined the benefits and drawbacks of each instrument.


InVideo is unique since it operates entirely in the cloud. You won’t ever need to install anything or stress over losing your progress. It works in any web browser, and the editor remains stable even after you’ve loaded it up with transitions, stickers, frames, and other nifty extras. The editor’s flexibility makes it appropriate for users of all skill levels, from those just getting started who may benefit from the platform’s 4000+ available templates to those with more experience who want to build from scratch. You may also use the 8 million+ images in the iStock library to liven up your projects.


Media Composer

You now have the ability to build unique workspaces when working with multiple monitor setups, and Media Composer will automatically remember your interface layout based on the display configuration you are using. These new additions were introduced in version 2022.7 of Media Composer. Make the clip notes more visible inside the timeline you’re working with. When you are transferring, become comfortable with the keyboard mapping that you are used to from Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve. Additionally!



There is a free and a premium version of VSDC’s desktop video editing programme. Free users still have access to VSDC’s complete array of video editing tools, which includes a mask tool and chroma key capabilities for creating green-screen effects. GoPro footage may be edited well with VSDC. The complete edition adds video stabilisation, extensive post-production effects, slideshow/presentation capabilities, 3D diagram templates, and direct social media distribution, among other things.



Mac OS includes the industry standard video editing programme iMovie. It is easy to use iMovie because, like many other Apple programmes, it has a drag-and-drop interface for transferring data between your hard drive and your computer. You may easily create effective videos for your YouTube marketing using this method. The fact that iMovie projects are stored in the cloud means that you can access them from any device—iPhone, iPad, or Mac—making it incredibly versatile. You can also expect iMovie to be updated often, so that you may take advantage of the latest and greatest additions and changes.



Incredibly comprehensive video guides are available for Shotcut, a free, cross-platform video editor. Formats like FFmpeg, 4K, ProRes, and DNxHD are among those it can play. A warning, however: Shotcut was initially built for Linux, so some may find the interface a little strange. In spite of this, it is still a very good editor. Shotcut is well suited for audio editors due to its broad feature set. It has a wide variety of audio editing features, including the ability to change the bass and treble, produce bandpass filters, tweak the gain, and apply dynamic compression.



Lightworks offers users a cost-free alternative to other video editing applications. The application is compatible with macOS, in addition to Windows and Linux. It is the ideal platform for people who work in camera operation, editing, sound engineering, and blogging. It has applications in advertising as well as in private life, such as the production of home video archives and the populating of social networks.


Davinci Resolve

The fact that DaVinci Resolve can be used for professional 8K editing, colour correction, visual effects, and audio post-production makes it a popular choice among editors for movies, TV shows, and commercials. DaVinci’s high-performance playback engine makes it possible to edit and trim in record time, especially when working with resource-heavy file formats like H.264 and RAW. It’s possible that DaVinci Resolve’s vast functionality will be overkill for some users, but the software’s free edition is ideal for demanding tasks.



Create a film that will be remembered for a long time by utilising your own fonts, colours, and logo templates, all of which are easy to drag-and-drop and adjust. Now, regardless of whether you work for a tiny company or a large corporation, the movies you create will always accurately represent your brand. Gain access to motion graphic templates that were designed in the style of well-known businesses. Produce breathtaking videos for areas such as events, news, food vlogging, sports, travel, and more than 50 more. Create your own films by easily mixing and matching different lower thirds, intro animations, and subtitles!



To make a fantastic movie with Soapbox, all you need is our Chrome extension, a webcam, and something to say! After pressing the record button, you may go back and modify the video to show either your camera, your screen, or a split-screen view. Facilitate the process of making videos from start to finish. Your entire team will be able to master video creation with just one extension (plus a Soapbox Station, if you’re feeling fancy), covering everything from filming to distributing the finished output.



Biteable is a web-based video editing application for creating films, slideshows, and advertisements for social media. Biteable’s free tier allows you to utilise their rudimentary video editor to create watermarked exports. The free Biteable plan, however, does not allow users to add their own movies to the site. Those who would rather not download the videos can instead share them by embedding them or sending them out through a Biteable link. The premium plan starts at $29 per month and gives access to additional features including video privacy and over 85,000 more stock films.



Now that you know what to look for, you can begin evaluating several pieces of free video editing software. There are pros and cons to each method, but perhaps you have a better sense of which one would work best for your video producing skills.

Consistently, studies have shown that videos get more views and shares than photos or text postings do on the majority of social networking sites. To attract customers and build your brand’s character, you need a high-quality video prepared by professionals.

With so many tools at your disposal, you may express your full artistic potential in your videos.