Popular Airline Logos of the World 2022

Airline logos serve commercial and corporate branding. Powerful emblems of the related businesses and the nation’s identity, these sculptures are. When it comes to a design agency branding large airlines, it’s one of the most coveted and expensive projects to take on. Thousands of people use it each day to get some fresh air. They tend to become sentimental over the popular airline logos that bear their country’s colors.

As a result, creating a logo is more complicated than it appears. It’s a multibillion-dollar issue, and any organisation handling it has a lot of responsibilities to bear. Some of the world’s most recognisable airline logos may be seen here. This list might serve as a source of inspiration for future work.

Air New Zealand

The Air, New Zealand logo is a Mori representation of the word ‘Koru,’ which means new life, development, power, and tranquilly in Maori. Mori paintings, carvings, and tattoos all feature the sign ‘Koru,’ which means ‘treasure.’ It is the popular airline logos.

Aerolineas Argentinas

One other well-known airline logo on this list uses a bird to symbolise flying. FutureBrand created the logo for Aerolineas Argentinas in June of 2010. The typeface is Neo Sans, and the stylised bird is a condor, a bird that can be found in Argentina alone. The blue colour scheme evokes images of the Argentinian flag, which is fitting.


popular airline logos.

As a nod to Mexico’s colonial past, Aeromexico’s current logo features an Aztec eagle warrior’s head. It is a sign of strength, determination, and grit. This logo was first used by them back in 1998. It is the popular airline logos.

American Airlines

FutureBrand created the new American Airlines logo, which was unveiled in January of this year. Traditional American colours of red, blue, and white are used to create an abstract soaring eagle. The new one has an eagle, a star, and the letter “A” in its design to distinguish it from previous logos. Put yourself to the test and see if you can find them all.

Air Asia

In a nutshell, the Air Asia logo is a red insignia with white text that’s basic but striking. Start Creative was in charge of the design. Due to the mystery surrounding the flight’s disappearance in December 2014, Air Asia made a temporary (but regrettable) modification to their logo. People on social media reacted negatively when they turned their Facebook logo grey, taking it as a sign of sadness.

Air India

The Air India logo is an orange sun temple wheel painted on the spread-out wing of a crimson flying swan. As the Konark wheel is consider part of the sun god’s chariot, its colours represent vitality and advancement. DMA Branding created the logo in 2007. It was developed in 1946 by Bobby Kooka and Umesh Rao and recently update to seem less traditional and more contemporary and hipster-ish.

Air Canada

This logo was developed by FutureBrand Worldwide and debuted in October 2004. It also uses a red and white colour scheme. As Canada’s national emblem, it has a maple leaf wrapped in a circle.

Air China

The phoenix in Air China’s emblem is mean to imitate the abbreviation VIP. Han Meilin created the original logo in 1988, and Dongdao Design updated it in 2007. As you can see from the logo, the phoenix represents good fortune and beauty, harmony, and happiness, while the red hue represents the company’s employees’ enthusiasm and dedication. In 2011, the logo earned the Beijing Design Week’s “Visual Expression” award for its design.

Aer Lingus

Irish airline Aer Lingus has a logo dating back to 1938 when Robert Logan drew the initial shamrock emblem. It is said that the shamrock (young clover) is an Irish national emblem because of the storey of Saint Patrick, who explained the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish people using a clover. Aer Lingus’ current logo was designed in 1996 and is known as “The Drunken Shamrock” due to its slanted appearance, which evokes the Irish drinking stereotype.

Azul Brazilian Airlines

popular airline logos.

TRIP Linhas Aéreas (Brazil’s most significant regional carrier) was purchased by Azul airline in 2012. Shortly after the acquisition, they changed their logo to make the letter “u” a lighter shade of blue, evoking TRIP’s different-coloured I in the logo. It is the popular airline logos.


After KLM, Avianca is the second-oldest airline in the world. TACA and Avianca merged in 2009, and they needed a new visual identity that reflected the tradition and legacy of both companies while also representing the new pan-Latin American vigour. The new brand’s identity (including logo) is based on the Condor’s symbolic meaning. With a new modern association with Avianca, the Condor, the Western Hemisphere’s most enormous flying land bird, connects North, Central, and South America.

British Airways

Newell & Sorrell, in 1997, developed British Airways’ famed “Speedmarque” emblem, which took inspiration from the British air force’s ancient “Speedbird” mark from before World War II. The airline’s name is printed in blue letters over a red-and-blue ribbon motif in the emblem.

Cathay Dragon

As you can see, the logos of Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon are nearly identical. When compared to Cathay Pacific’s blue logo, Cathay Dragon’s logo is red. Landor Associate, a branding firm, produced it, and the “brushwing” emblem, which depicts a bird’s wing, appears on it. Formerly known as Dragonair, the logo of Cathay Dragon included a red dragon.

Delta Airlines

Lippincott Mercer created the “widget logo,” which Delta Airlines adopted in April 2007 and has used ever since. To me, it seems like the Greek letter “D” (“delta”) is in a red triangle. It’s basic but effective because of the way the pieces are positioned and shaded. It is the popular airline logos.


popular airline logos.

Horus (or rather his head) is shown in the airline’s logo in ancient Egyptian mythology. In mythology, Horus was known as the sun deity or the “Sky god,” therefore, his use in an airline’s emblem makes sense. Horus is usually represented as having a human body with a falcon’s head. EgyptAir has used this logo since July 2008, when it first introduced it to the world.


In 1985, Negus & Negus Associates designed the Emirates logo. The logo is a basic red-and-white design with Arabic calligraphy beneath the company name. Colours like red and white stand for many things, but together they represent things like wealth, leadership, enthusiasm, and self-confidence.

Ethiopian Airlines

According to passenger traffic and revenue, Ethiopian Airlines is Africa’s largest airline by a wide margin. A new motto, “The New Spirit of Africa,” was added to their logo in 2010. There are two languages inscribed in the airline’s logo: English and Amharic. The colours of the design match the colours of the country’s flag (green, yellow, and red).

Fiji Airways

In 2013, Fiji Airways changed its name from Air Pacific to Fiji Airways. In contrast to the cold corporate competition, the new handcrafted mark features a simple and unique style. It is the popular airline logos.

Garuda Indonesia

popular airline logos.

It’s been years since Garuda Indonesia updated its logo. For their logo, Garuda Indonesia used a flying item (in this example, a bird), as have many other airlines on this list. Despite several alterations, the logo’s essential elements have stayed the same. Compared to the previous design, this one is much more clean and modern looking.

Gulf Air

Bahrain’s primary airline is Gulf Air. The brand’s current logo, which was updated in 2018, embodies the company’s rich history and timeless appeal. a landing falcon, the airline name in Arabic and English typographic forms, and the carrier’s logo The falcon represents traditional Arabian traditions and daring and contemporary entrepreneurial ideas as part of the company’s identity. The logo is meant to represent a new age by becoming a powerful and conspicuous emblem.

Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines’ logo, designed exclusively for the airline when it was founded in 1993, is unmistakable. This logo is unique because of the inclusion of several noteworthy aspects, such as the golden Gauda’s wings and horn and the auspicious clouds (a legendary bird renowned in China). Aside from the ageless style, the logo has achieved cult status due to its various components.

Hawaiian Airlines

popular airline logos.

Hawaiian Airlines ‘ emblem stands out as the only airline logo on our list to include a human rather than an animal or an abstract plane. You’re looking at a somewhat updated version of Lindon Leader’s original 2001 logo, which has been given a new look. Although Pualani, the “island girl,” still appears in the logo, the backdrop has been changed to a gradient, which, in my opinion, looks much better. The font was also changed by the airlines to reflect the new design.


Launched in 2006, Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo is a member of the Star Alliance. The right-hand top of the wordmark is adorned with a twenty-dot aeroplane emblem. Its slogan emphasises the importance of being on time, every time.


A competition to design a new logo was announced in the Kayhan and Ettelaat newspapers in 1961 after the Iran National Airline was registered as a national company. The airline’s current logo was designed by the competition’s winner, a young Iranian man. He was influenced by the legendary Persian gryphon known as Homa.


popular airline logos.

In 2013, Interbrand redesigned Iberia’s previous logo and introduced a custom typeface. The Spanish flag colours of red and yellow were used to evoke the vivacity of the Spanish character. The #NewIberia and #NeuvalIberia hashtags were used to promote the popular airline logos on social media.

Japan Airlines

Jerry Huff developed JAL’s logo in 1958, and it’s still in use today. An expanded Japanese crane’s wings make up the logo, which goes by the name “tsurumaru” (“crane circle”). The colour red is used in the logo to represent joy. In Japanese culture, the crane symbolises long life, prosperity, and good health, which inspired the logo design. According to crane mythology, a bird’s ability to soar high and for extended periods without fatigue makes it an ideal emblem for an airline. While this new logo was initially well-liked, it was not well-received when first shown in 2002. As of 2011, the original design is still being used by Japan Airlines.

Jet Airways

Jet Airways’ logo is an oval sun with speed lines drawn around it from an aeroplane’s wingtips. Known as the ‘flying sun,’ this enigmatic logo was created by K. V. Sridhar and debuted in 1992.It is the popular airline logos.

Korean Air

Uninformed observers can mistakenly conclude that Korean Air’s logo resembles the Pepsi logo. Despite this, the source of its inspiration is simply traditional, dating back further than either the United States of America or PepsiCo ever had. Logo symbol Taegeuk represents the “ultimate reality from which everything is derived”. The South Korean flag features it as well. The logo for Korean Air was created in 1984.


popular airline logos.

KLM As the country’s major airline, Royal Dutch Airlines is well-known around the world. Since its debut, the logo has undergone several revisions (1919). The current logo consists of a crown created from a plus sign, four blue circles, and a dotted line (see below) (from top to bottom). When KLM was founded, it was awarded royal status, symbolised by the crown on its logo. As a result, in the logo’s light blue colour scheme, these virtues are represented.


popular airline logos.

It was not until 2018 that Lufthansa changed its 1954 airline logo. As you can see, they’ve maintained a similar appearance while updating their logo to be more contemporary and have an even more significant effect on the market. The ‘flying crane’ logo and the text were redesigned to be more streamlined for the digital era.

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines has a sleek, contemporary appearance that stands out in any crowd. The new logo was inspired by the old one from 1971. Bulan, also known as the moon kite, has longer tails and faces left to right. In addition to the new typeface, the word “airlines” is now shown in lowercase in the wordmark. According to the general public’s preference, the more recent appearance is more striking.


A Danish design firm, created the Mexicana logo in 2008. In the blue background, an eagle can be seen as a sign of strength and stability. As a result of the logo’s typeface, which combines upper- and lowercase characters, it is distinctive. It is the popular airline logos.


Pakistan International Airlines PIA’s new logo was unveiled in April of this year. In PIA’s Brand Story, “the power of attitude and altitude combine.”It is the popular airline logos.


popular airline logos.

The final airline on the list has the most excellent logo. Their headquarters are on New Guinea, an enormous island off the coast of Australia. When the brand took off (quite literally! ), the logo was presented the following year. The ancient patterns used to create the emblem were chosen to represent the nation’s diversity. My favourite thing about this design is its incorporates traditional iconography from around the country to create something entirely new.

Qatar Airways

On a grey backdrop, a burgundy oryx appears in the Qatar Airways logo, which was created in 2006. Using the colour oryx in the design was intentional, as it is Qatar’s national animal. English letters spell out “Al Qataria” in the airline’s name, whereas Arabic letters spell out the same thing.


As with the Australian one-penny coin, Qantas’ kangaroo logo was influenced by it. It was published for the first time in January of 1947. Hans Hulsbosch designed the current logo, dubbed “The Flying Kangaroo,” in July 2007.


popular airline logos.

The logo for Ryanair goes back to that year, 1987. It now has a yellow emblem and large, white lettering after several alterations over the years. The symbol combines an angel with a harp, a traditional Irish musical instrument that has long been revered in the country’s culture.

SriLankan Airlines

popular airline logos.

the stylised peacock in the Sri Lankan Airlines emblem and the unusual yet attractive typeface used in the airline’s branding. In 1999, as part of an extensive rebranding effort, it was made public. A flying machine previously existed akin to a peacock in Sri Lankan folklore known as the Dandu Monara Yantra. The airline’s emblem may have gotten its design inspiration from a mythological beast. On the other hand, Peacocks are a native species in Sri Lanka, which might account for the phenomenon.


popular airline logos.

In 2011, the Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) simple logo was developed by Nose Design. There’s a white cross in the centre of a red backdrop, just like the Swiss national flag. Linotype’s Univers 65 Bold typeface was used to create the logo.

Southwest Airlines

The world’s largest low-cost carrier, Southwest Airlines, unveiled its initial logo in 1971, which featured a loving heart encircling a pair of pilot wings. In 1998, a new heart was installed, one that was much more austere and corporate-looking. With a more colourful and modern style and a new unique sans-serif typeface, the airline revamped its old heart logo in 2014. The airline’s heart logo is made out of orange, red, and blue stripes.

SriLankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines’ logo is another one that’s made it into our comprehensive collection. Sri Lankan Airlines is the country’s largest airline, having been established in 1979. The logo has a vibrant peacock, and the name is printed in lovely typography. Locals love the emblem since it was inspired by a legendary beast known as Dandu Monara Yantra in the nation.

Singapore Airlines

popular airline logos.

SingTel’s emblem features a bird inspired by Southeast Asia’s silver kris, a knife that figures significantly in local myth and mythology. The insignia business in the US is reported to have developed the logo, and it was chosen from 200 submissions when SQ was starting.

Thai Airways

By the middle of the 1970s, Thai Airways had significantly expanded its global reach. They redesigned their logo in 1975 to convey a more contemporary and international message. Design features included traditional Thai images such as rich hues of tropical flowers and gilded temples and silk from Thailand. In 2005, they made a few minor alterations to the logo to give it a more official appearance (a changing palette of brilliant colours).

Turkish Airlines

popular airline logos.

When Priestmangoode redesigned Turkish Airlines in 2010, they unveiled this new logo as part of the new look. Red, white, and blue are used to great advantage in the logo, giving it a polished appearance.

US Airways

Luxon Carrá and Deskey Associates developed US Airways’ logo, and the corporation chose grey as its official colour in 2005. The logo is a black-and-white rendition of the American flag.

Vietnam Airlines

popular airline logos.

One of the world’s most recognisable airline logos, Vietnam Airlines’ golden lotus logo, was unveiled in 2002. Even though the design is essential on the surface, it has become famous in Vietnam. Even if the symbol is centuries old, the logo’s success proves that it may have an effect if the design has been given a modern touch.

Australian Airlines

popular airline logos.

Formerly known as Australian Airlines, the airline had a strong brand from 1986 until 2006 with its Kangaroo logo design. Trans Australia Airlines, which was founded in 1986 and served Australian and Asian destinations until 2006, was the airline’s original name (today they are owned by Qantas). They differentiated out from their business peers because they used a national emblem effectively while simultaneously emphasising their pursuit of speed and efficiency.

Cessna Logo

Although Cessna’s logo is a little different from the typical airline one in terms of specifications, it is nevertheless effective and visually appealing. This logo does a good job of defining the nature of the business while also having brand potential because it is impeccably basic. One point of criticism–and this is just my opinion–is that the typeface used here irritates me much.

Oceanic Airlines Logos

popular airline logos.

Before you go any further, let me just say… Oceanic Airlines is a fictional airline that has appeared in a number of TV episodes, including “Lost,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Chuck,” “FastForward,” and “The X-Files.” This is a mystery to be solved another day, however looking at the designed logo from a distance, it’s intriguing and sticks out in the crowd.. Oddly, it’s an airline brand that frequently appears alongside a fatal accident or horrendous aviation catastrophe, yet as an airline logo, it stands its own against the competition again. This logomark wonderfully captures an overhead perspective of the Pacific islands since it is made entirely of organic materials and has a classic, handcrafted appearance.