Best Interactive Website Examples for Your Inspiration

Many websites now have unique components that promote direct interaction from users, thanks to the work of UX/UI experts. This has spawned a slew of innovative features such as hover states, video scrolling interactions, and other interactive elements. Adding interactive elements is done to get users to interact with the site’s content. Nevertheless, the finest interactive websites may frequently be found hidden away in non-commercial art and other non-commercial initiatives on some obscure area of the Web. When it comes to interactive web design ideas one thing is sure: they engage with their visitors deeper and capture their interest far faster than other types of websites. As a result, these sites can teach you a lot about effective interactive website design.

You’ll learn about some of the most fabulous interactive web design ideas on the Web in this post. Are you ready to be blown away? If that’s the case, keep reading!


The APPS website, developed by VGNC for liquor brands, is a fantastic interactive tool. Even though designing an online alcohol product website is difficult, this site has done a great job of introducing its flagship product, APPLE CINDER, in an appealing and user-friendly manner.

What mechanism does it use to do this? The solution is, in fact, relatively straightforward.

As a starting point, the site designers incorporated an eye-catching graphic action-simulator that explains the cider-making process in a fun and engaging way. This fantastic action-simulator also makes it simple for site visitors or consumers to learn how apples are processed into APPLE CINDER wines with only a few simple clicks.

The product page’s clean and basic color palette helps visitors focus on the product’s qualities, which helps increase sales.



As a result of Climber, you’ll learn about Interactive Production Company, a creative firm that develops innovative digital goods and services. It’s one of a kind because of the woodland motif. Aside from that, you can quickly check out its design work and associated studio information by clicking and scrolling through the different interactive and animated features.

Because of this, Climber is a great starting point for anybody looking to create or build a similarly unique online presence for their creative digital firm or studio. Several of the company’s interface concepts are intriguing and well worth experimenting with.


Alex Buga 

Alex Buga’s website is a fantastic interactive portfolio, and it features virtually everything a designer could want: personal photographs, website design projects, favorite tunes, diaries and blogs, and so on.

It’s like a nice place with trendy furnishings and décor, unlike other typical online portfolio services that let designers mechanically show things. This room’s decorations include various design works, music, blogs, and other things that may be displayed in the sections that were added to display them. As a site visitor, you have complete freedom to explore these informative areas and verify the data you want.

The “My Music” area, in particular, is a great way to unwind while also learning about the artists you’ve been listening to.



A fascinating interactive website called ChekHov uses a distinctive graphic style and asks users a series of seven questions to choose which character in Anton Chekhov’s writings they will be. This notion might inspire a unique online website design for you.


OKB Interactive

Interactive websites are now unquestionably a popular choice for online design. If you haven’t had the chance to check out any of these fantastic websites, so this collection may be of interest to you. Digital firm OKB Interactive specializes in strategy and digital design and the creation and development of cutting-edge mobile applications. The look and feel of the website are first-rate.

The hero header’s plan is essential but utterly enthralling. It makes use of bright and robust headlines against a white or grey backdrop. Not to mention how it applies a visual hierarchy, but it also incorporates video, fitting the UX pattern. Not only that, but some photos have a nice, subtle hover effect that raises the attention level even further.



Style and creativity are essential when creating an interactive website. Look through this selection to be inspired, and then get prepared to shine! Calexo is a cannabis-infuse effervescent beverage produced with premium fruit juices, botanicals,THC that has been nano-emulsified in a proprietary process. Its website is jam-pack with cutting-edge web design features that work seamlessly together. The brand name and headline are show in large, bold type in the hero header.

On the other hand, other portions of the webpage are pretty sophisticated and striking. Thanks to their eye-catching transitional effects, intriguing hover effects, and fluid movement, the web components are stunning. Additionally, the team section and blog illustrations never cease to add unique elements. Take a look at these!


Timothee Roussilhe

Timothee Roussilhe is a graphic designer who runs Timothee Roussilhe, a creative resume website. The designer has incorporated several inventive, interactive features to provide visitors with more pleasurable and remarkable experiences.

The name Timothee Roussilhe is shown in white letters when you access this resume page, for example. The white lettering is also a fun little game in and of itself. Like bowling, you can easily pull one of them to knock out the others. It’s also possible to strike all the letters at once by clicking “Do not press this!”.

Additionally, if you hover your mouse over the site symbol in the right upper corner, several stick figure expressions will appear on the icon. In addition, the phrases alter with each click of the button.

As a result, discovering these interactive designs one by one has been an enriching experience for me.

Moving your mouse over the designer’s photo will reveal exciting things to you.



30 endangered species have been featured on Pieces, a unique interactive website, including the helmet hornbill, Vaquita, and golden lion tamarin, as well as golden poison frogs. It’s also simple to click and scroll through each animal’s facts and history, such as when it was first discovered, where it came from, and whether or not there are any videos available.

As a result, from this perspective, it’s an excellent website for raising awareness about how you can aid and protect endangered creatures.


Abbey Road Studios 

Visitors to the interactive website Abbey Road Studio get the option to take a virtual tour inside the world-famous Abbey Road Studio in London, England. It provides a comprehensive visual and interactive tour of the world-famous studio. The studio’s footprints may be readily follow to get a sense of it and uncover some exciting tales, photos, films, and music linked to the facility in the process.

Sound-activated interfaces, 3D scanning technologies, inline movies, and other innovative online technologies on this site tend to offer users the impression of exploring and viewing everything as you have visited Abbey Road Studio in the United Kingdom.



Designers and developers may use Webflow to construct a responsive and well-visualized website with simplicity and efficiency. Webflow is an interactive website with a broad range of animations.

The usage of a download link/button on the front page is becoming increasingly popular to encourage more people to download and utilize the website’s products. Webflow, on the other hand, goes about things in a completely different way. It starts with an interactive and graphic introduction to the history of webs to pique the viewers’ attention. To make it even easier for visitors, including many “Start creating” links across the page.

Site users may learn about the evolution of websites by just scrolling through this one as if they were watching a movie. That’s great, to be honest.

While accessing this site, visitors will see several dynamic images, words, and geometric shapes that capture their attention.


Polish Christmas Guide

Visitors may learn about Polish Christmas customs and traditions by interacting with the website’s interactive features. Children will enjoy riding along with Santa Claus and collecting gifts to learn about Polish Christmas traditions. The ride has a nice cartoon aspect to it.

While surfing the website to acquire different Christmas gifts, you’re more like playing an online game because it’s illustrated and voice-activate. Hence, this is an excellent attempt to engage site visitors.

The forceful messages presented after the Christmas game, which have a significant impact and raise awareness for abused children, are also critical and striking in their appeal for others to aid & protect abused children.



Introducing a wide range of bicycles is make attractive and straightforward with Cyclemon, an interactive website. It is distinctive due to the use of vibrant illustrations. And if you’re a cyclist, you may use the parallax scrolling feature to quickly browse through a collection of stunning bicycle images organized by category.

The color palette, on the other hand, is cozy and stylish.



Several of the finest interactive websites may be find in surprising locations, as you can see. With this list, we hope to inspire and push you to tell your own narrative in a way that engages others.

Using a website to convey a concept can be a lot of fun, as long as you pick the proper components and details and construct a tale that engages the visitor on a personal level. Even the tiniest amount of interaction, such as pictures that scroll around when you do, may have a significant impact on the user’s overall satisfaction.