Free Popsicle Ice Cream Packaging Mockup PSD

The free Popsicle ice-cream package mockup that can be used in business and personal projects. As we are now suffocating in the stifling air of summer, allow me to highlight today’s post. Put in the components of your choosing and according to the requirements of your customer.

This mockup may be used as a presentation, and you can construct it emphatically by utilizing this Popsicle mockup. Let us know how you are planning to spend your summer vacation, and we will be pleased to hear everything about your summer adventures.

Free Popsicle Ice Cream Packaging Mockup

If you follow certain instructions, you will have access to a wide variety of customization options for this PSD file. You may alter the colour of the popsicle by using the fill tool on the layer that is labelled “change colour.”

If you want the popsicle to be white in colour, adjust the opacity setting for the layer labelled “screen” to 100, and then change the colour of that layer to white. After you have changed the backdrop to your liking and placed your artwork on the “put artwork” layer, you will be able to see the finished product of your popsicle ice cream.