Free Magazine Mockups

A Magazine Mockups is what you’re looking for. Yes! So, without further ado, we present to you an incredible selection of free magazine mock-ups for your product marketing project. Using these free mockups, you can give your project a stunning photo-realistic appearance.


In the Photoshop (.psd) file format, these designs were created by expert graphic designers. A smart object layer and well-organized layer structure with names make up this file. It’s easy to alter or change any of these professional magazine psd mockups because they’re all well-designed.

You’ll save a lot of time if you use this mockup. Mockups for branding, packaging, business cards, and more can be found on our popular free mockups and psd templates page.

Opened Magazine Free Mockup

Download free and paid magazine mockups for your personal and business projects. A collection of magazine mockups for Photoshop. Includes multiple formats and sizes including US and EU. Each of these magazine mockups is very easy to use, just alter the template in the smartobject or in the 3D layer. You may use brochure and magazine mockups for your branding presentation in business and personal reasons


Free Inner Pages and Cover Book Mockups

Before a magazine can be printed, it is necessary to create a mockup version of it in order to demonstrate the final product’s appearance. Mockups for magazines may be created in a variety of methods, either with high-priced software or with simple tools like scissors and glue.


Free A4 Magazine Mockup

Free A4 Magazine Mockup for displaying your magazine headline design is available. PSD files with smart layers are included in the psd folder, making it easy to add your own graphics and alter them, as well as to change the backdrop color to something more appropriate for your project.


Free Premium Letter Size Magazine Mockup

As each node in the graphic design sector is distinct, it serves the people in their respective regions wonderfully. Countless departments exist in this sector, which sums up practically all possible solutions based on a person’s needs, and the gainer is left exhausted while savoring their favorite images.


Free PSD Magazine Mockup Template

How can you be sure your magazine will appear amazing in print? Some may say no way. But a magazine mockup changes everything. Some images might not seem as realistic as this sample. You may use it to show off the main page or any other page. The mockup is ideal for individuals who wish to present themselves as professionals.


Free A4 Magazine Cover Mockup With Dry Plant Front View

Those who read a magazine at home should utilize scissors and paper. This is probably the cheapest and simplest approach to design a magazine mockup. However, keep in mind that a magazine mockup that is gorgeous but fails to convey the necessary message or does not meet the product’s specifications will be rejected.


Open Square Psd Magazine Mockup

Elegant catalogue and square psd magazine mockup with an opened interior layout to display your designs. This is a high-quality mockup that is easy to customize. Because of the smart layer, you may include whatever visuals you want.


A4 Magazine Mockup

A photorealistic free magazine mockup scenario with a shadow overlay effect to help you display your magazine cover design in a different way than everyone else. The mockup features an A4 size magazine and an iPhone X, among other things. Two circular bases and two shadow overlays are included in the package.


A4 Magazine Cover Mockup

Make use of this fantastic high-resolution Modern Magazine to display your work. Smart layer may be used to replace your design. Colors for the background and pages may be customized as well.


Classic Opened Magazine Mockup

Mockup of a simple and beautiful isometric magazine that will allow you to present your brand design in a professional and photorealistic manner. Because of the smart layers function, it is very simple to personalize it.


Psd Magazine Mockup Showcase 3

A hand holding a psd magazine mockup with a stone background to exhibit any branding in a professional manner. Because of the smart layer, you can quickly personalize it by including your own graphics and text.


Magazine on Table PSD Mockup

Say welcome to a photo-realistic Magazine on Table PSD Mockup that you may use for your projects. Present your next magazine cover project in a visually appealing manner. Select the smart object layer in the psd mockup and drag and drop your design into the layer with the smart object.



How do you create a magazine mockup? This is a well-known necessity across all industries. In today’s world, this is one of the most effective and newest methods to use product displays to get the attention of others. CD covers, brochures, bags, business cards, and stationery might be a good fit for your company’s brand.