Best Navigation Apps for Android in 2022

Anyone who has trouble navigating the streets will find map applications to be a lifeline.

People who are seeking for alternative routes to their destination while attempting to avoid being caught in traffic sometimes turn to map applications.

Whenever we think of a navigation app, Google Maps is typically the first thing that springs to mind. The great majority of individuals choose for this choice.

On the other hand, a myriad of applications that are readily available on the market might offer the same navigation function.

You may utilise a variety of GPS navigation apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone.

Most navigational applications provide the same functionality. To go to your location, you must first enter directions and then follow them.

But each one approaches it a little bit differently. We’ll examine the best map apps for Android Mobile devices in this post.

Apple Maps

When using an iOS device, you may use Apple Maps, which functions as a GPS navigational tool. It’s completely cost-free, plus it contains a tonne of useful extras. With its straightforward design, this software is a breeze to operate. Apple has opted to keep the interface simple and uncluttered rather than adding more capabilities. Since it provides a photorealistic perspective, using it is a thrilling experience. This software is helpful if you own an Apple device (computer, phone, or watch) and utilise Apple CarPlay or Apple Watch.


Google Maps

The best-known navigation app is Google Maps. This multi-platform software is the best for most individuals. This software isn’t only a navigation tool; it also has tonnes of location-specific information. It helps find places to eat, see, etc. Google Maps gives real-time ETAs, traffic conditions, and transportation details in select places. The app shows trendy destinations and group planning possibilities. Create lists of favourite spots to share with others. Google Maps lets you rate locations you’ve been. Best of all, the app is free and has no advertising.


Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Download Waze if you’re seeking for a trustworthy, cost-free GPS app. It offers real-time data and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. The programme provides several customization options and a simple UI. Waze has the same route planning functionality as Google Maps. Because it offers precise real-time information on traffic conditions, road closures, etc., this app is well-liked by users. In this regard, it surpasses Google Maps. However, automotive excursions are the major emphasis of this programme.


MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps 

Over the years, MapQuest has seen several redesigns. But it’s the same reliable service we’ve been familiar with since the good old days. It uses the typical turn-by-turn instructions. Other features include rerouting instructions based on traffic, live traffic updates (where available), and a service to find cheaper petrol. If you break down, you can even use it to contact a tow truck. It’s not as useful for locating inexpensive gas as GasBuddy or as excellent at doing so as Google Maps. But it’s a fantastic method to accomplish two goals at once.


HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation 

HERE WeGo beats Google Maps. This app was once called Nokia HERE maps, but its owner changed. HERE WeGo lets you download and update offline country maps. You’ll never be without Internet. This app’s design is great. These maps include clear information and a wonderful UI. This app can hire a cab and has tonnes of location-related information. Voice assistance and public transit information for 1,300+ cities are accessible. This app is likewise free, with non-intrusive advertisements.



Scout GPS Navigation is an advanced mapping and navigation software with unique social features. With just one tap, users may update their contacts on their current whereabouts and expected arrival time, and they can also peruse user-recommended eateries and attractions in the immediate area. In addition to these social elements, Scout GPS provides the standard fare of navigation tools, such as live traffic updates, the option to save favourite spots, walking instructions, and the ability to locate the cheapest gas prices in the area.


MAPS.ME: Offline Maps, GPS Nav

Because it provides access to high-quality offline maps for sites all around the world, MAPS.ME is the greatest app on our list for tourists. It is possible to get precise instructions to surrounding attractions and hiking trails using offline maps, which also include turn-by-turn directions for driving, walking, and cycling. MAPS.ME stands out from the competition because to its extensive library of location guides. You may look up restaurants, caf├ęs, hotels, ATMs, and more that are close by, and you can even make hotel reservations using without leaving the app. You may also see if the direction you’re headed in is going to be uphill or downhill for your walk or ride.


inRoute – Intelligent Routing 

At the time of first download, InRoute is provided at no cost to users. However, additional functionality, such as turn-by-turn directions, will cost you. Google Maps is still the best option for getting directions, whether you’re driving, walking, or taking public transportation. However, InRoute is a helpful software if you are planning a lengthy trip and want to include weather data. While InRoute GPS is a competent navigation tool, it has severe limitations unless you pay for its premium upgrades. As an added downside, the user interface is difficult to browse.


MapFactor Navigator – GPS Maps 

One of the modestly well-liked navigation app choices is MapFactor. The fundamental GPS and navigational features are included. OpenStreetMap is used. That means if you desire, you may get free monthly updated offline maps. There are more map alternatives available, but they could be more expensive. Voice instructions, cross-border routing, 2D and 3D modes, day and night themes, and more are a few of the other features. Additionally, this GPS software supports hundreds of international locations. For what you receive, it’s not at all awful.


CoPilot GPS Navigation

If you’re looking for a GPS app that works offline, go no further than the premium service CoPilot. The built-in traffic status bar will provide you with up-to-the-minute information. This app is perfect for travellers who want to hit the open road and see the sights. This app’s strongest point is its adaptability to the user’s chosen mode of transportation by letting them alter predetermined routes to suit their needs. The bare bones of it are free to use. However, there are paid add-ons that can be accessed with a subscription that include route planning, voice navigation, and global mapping.


OsmAnd Maps Travel & Navigate 

A unique style of navigation app is OsmAnd. It offers direct service to those who desire offline maps. Many of them are available for download, and the most of them are rather decent. There is a download cap on the app’s free edition. Through in-app purchases, more downloads are available for purchase. Turn-by-turn directions, an offline search, maps for uses other than driving, and more are a few other features. It’s definitely not as excellent for internet use as something like HERE or Google Maps, but it’s one of the top offline GPS applications right now.


TomTom GO Navigation 

You may rely on this GPS app as well as others. This app’s unique feature allows you to personalise the map for your road travels. Additionally, it may be utilised offline. You may access real-time traffic information using this app. Weekly updates help to enhance it continuously. This software provides a highly accurate estimated time of arrival and directs you to the best exit and lane for an excellent driving experience. Although the app may be downloaded for free, you must purchase a subscription to get traffic and speed camera data.


Gaia GPS: Mobile Trail Maps 

Explore with complete assurance with Gaia GPS. Utilizing maps of the Earth, one can uncover previously unknown paths. You won’t need cell connection to use the industry’s best navigation tools to find your way across the wilderness. Gaia GPS is your best resource for locating trails all across the world, so use it to go somewhere you want to go. Gaia GPS offers the greatest offline maps and navigation tools for your various travels, and it is adored by millions of people all around the world. It has been highlighted in multiple media, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and GearJunkie.


Karta GPS – Maps & CarPlay

Use Karta GPS, a turn-by-turn GPS navigation app, to get around traffic congestion quickly and easily. This cost-free programme alleviates both financial burden and anxiety by automatically rerouting users whenever traffic circumstances need it. The content-rich maps are useable without an internet connection, so you may download them ahead of time and use them wherever you go.


Roadtrippers – Trip Planner

This is, as the name implies, the best navigation app for organising a road trip. From restaurants and motels to national parks and fascinating roadside sites, the app has you covered. This is the finest driving software if you want to plan a road trip this summer and utilise turn-by-turn directions to get you there. In addition to highlighting locations of interest, Roadtrippers will also highlight beautiful overlooks.


Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps 

Sygic, a navigation app, has been downloaded over 50 million times. Similar to the other items on this list, it allows you to download maps for offline usage, except it utilises TomTom maps instead. Turn-by-turn directions, spoken street names (so you can focus on the road), alternative routes, and a speed limit display are all included. There are three premium tiers available, each with access to a different set of bonuses. The most basic plan is $13.99 per month, the next-highest plan costs $17.99 and includes real-time traffic updates, and the priciest plan costs $24.99 per month and includes all services. It’s pricey, but at least there’s no commitment involved.


ETA – GPS & maps driving times 

ETA supports iOS Home Screen widgets and Apple Watch complications. With ETA, you’ll always know when you’ll arrive. ETA provides journey time to your favourite destinations (driving, public transit, cycling, and walking). ETA provides traffic information when driving, including delays. Our iOS Home Screen widgets keep you updated without opening the app. The widget gets your appointments so you may depart on time. Our Home Screen widgets refresh regularly per Apple’s requirements.



The finest GPS navigation applications will provide you up-to-the-moment location updates, traffic reports, and detailed maps of the area. However, the functionality of mapping applications extends well beyond that of mere route preparation.

These GPS applications include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide supplementary features that make trip preparation and execution less of a hassle. They provide information about local gas stations, assist you avoid traffic and bad weather, and more.