Best Free eCommerce Website Templates 2022

In the wake of the pandemic, eCommerce saw a dramatic shift as millions of merchants and consumers turned to the internet to purchase and sell. eCommerce’s accomplishments and innovations have entrenched its place as a permanent and essential business solution, even as the world slowly returns to normal.


For brick-and-mortar businesses who want to create an online store, or for those who want to take advantage of the many advantages of eCommerce, now is a fantastic moment. To get started, what’s the first thing you need to do? Pick one of our well-designed themes for an online business.

Electro Store an Ecommerce Theme Bootstrap Template

You can’t help but tote-ally fall in love with this handy template (even if you detest us for the awful pun) (even if you hate us for the bad pun). This no-nonsense design is a terrific resource to start selling online with a professional eCommerce website. No surprise it’s the one most favoured by Wix Merchants! That’s because our professional eCommerce shop template provides you everything you need to get your business launched fast and smoothly. The clean and roomy design provides you a lot to personalize without compromising with the site’s professional, user-friendly purchasing experience.


Universal – Business & E-commerce Template

The product-focused template is easy to use for customers and is great for merchants that want to sell almost anything. Consumers will have no trouble navigating it, and it includes all of the crucial web pages and sections your business need, such as “About,” “Shipping & Returns,” and “Payment Methods.” What remains for you to do is add items and information, after which you can begin selling.


Electronic Store a Ecommerce Online Shopping Category Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

Using this futuristic template, you can give your devices the digital showroom they deserve, complete with all the elegance your clients desire—but without any of the chaos. On the main page, you’ll find a selection of well-known brands and best-sellers. Product pages feature plenty of area for photographs, explanations, and in-depth technical details, all presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.


Eshop – Free eCommerce HTML5 Template

This sleek design is a delight to explore and may be the perfect match for a creative shop, a hemp-based CBD business, or pretty much anything else you want to offer. You’ll be shocked by how much you can modify the atmosphere of the website just by customising the photos and gifs on the homepage.


Downy Shoes Ecommerce Category Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

The product catalogue on the website design makes shopping enjoyable by displaying enormous product photos that zoom in when you hover your mouse over them. Additionally, the catalogue allows consumers to add products to their shopping baskets without having to visit the product page, so eliminating one more step from the checkout process.


Dailyshop Free CSS Template

Check out the blinking header on the top. This handy feature is ideal for establishing an urgency that can be leveraged to advertise deals or discount codes that have a deadline. You may also alter this to advise your consumers of changes or delays, or to contact you to make an order.


ShopList a Ecommerce Category Responsive Web Template

It is a trendy yet decent-looking eCommerce template that comes with a flat responsive web design. You may use it for practically anytype of online retail website without any expert abilities. It is built with a beautiful colour scheme and a good grid style of elements so that you can provide a flawless look to your site.


Fashion Hub an E commerce Category Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

Elegantly coloured, this HTML template for an e-commerce site has a great appeal. In addition to being totally responsive and cross-browser compatible, it also includes PSD files, a custom slider and sidebars with full functionality. With the aid of this template, you can properly present your items via add-to-cart choices and image previews. In addition, the template is completely editable, allowing anybody to make changes to meet their specific needs.


Obaju E-commerce Template

It is a clean, reasonable, and strong HTML template powered by Bootstrap 3.1.1 that comes with perfect-looking 11 ready pages. The template is ideal for both sorts of website dynamic as well as static. The finest aspect of this template is that anyone can easily install it into their eCommerce system without any expert training. It includes interesting features like as a gorgeous slider, product listing, blog list, ajax contact form, eCommerce ready, and much more


Grocery Shoppy Ecommerce Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

Free eCommerce HTML website template with an eye-catching and strong design. You may expect it to be built using the most recent Bootstrap framework, HTML5, and CSS3. Your website’s responsive design and mobile-optimized functionality ensure that it appears great on any device. There are a slew of options in Buy Shop that may help your eCommerce business gain more customers and increase sales. This template makes it simple to set up an attractive e-commerce site.


Youth Fashion A Ecommerce Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

If you want to offer your online store an exquisite and refined appearance, Fashion mania is the perfect HTML template for you. Pre-built designs are available but you can easily tweak it to suit your own design preferences. HTML5 and CSS3 were used in the creation of this template, making it very responsive and feature-rich. On addition, it looks great in all of the most popular browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.


Classic Style a E commerce Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

This stylish and ambitious home products template will let your consumers feel right at home. Create an inviting atmosphere in your store by using this template to promote your goods and encourage your consumers to stay for the duration of their shopping sprees. The main page’s Best Sellers section provides you an opportunity to show off your whole product line. On the other hand, a magazine-type layout gives your store’s brand a more aspirational air while also giving your clients a sense of style they may aspire to.


Resale classifieds and E-commerce Business Responsive Web Template

With this outdoorsy template, you may go on your very own eCommerce trip. Show off your stuff with this amazing, down-to-earth style that makes spectators feel as though they’re in the middle of a lush forest setting. However, aside from its evident attractiveness, the template also has some excellent features that will assist you in converting surfers into consumers for your Wix online store.


Mattress a Furniture Ecommerce Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

This sleek tech shop template is suitable for Wix businesses that offer a single product, and it serves as the ideal platform for introducing the world to your latest breakthrough. Create a lengthy scrolling homepage to inform your visitors of what your product can accomplish for them, highlighting the product’s practical benefits as well as its gorgeous looks and simple to use functionality. In addition to including great photographs of your goods, you can also provide high-quality GIFs to allow customers to view the product in use.


Watches a Flat Ecommerce Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

Get your business in shape with this distinctive website design. Whether you’re selling protein powders, training equipment, or something else completely, this template’s dark backdrop assures that your writing and photos will explode off the page. Keep clients engaged on buying by offering them the possibility to add things to their cart without even needing to leave the homepage. By hovering their mouse over the product, an Add to Cart option emerges that either opens a Quick View lightbox of the product page or inserts the item immediately into the shopping cart



Creating your own eCommerce site for your business is a laborious and inspirational notion and it results best when you perform the task with all your concentration. These free eCommerce HTML templates can enable you to get your work done easily and professionally.